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One of the best ways to build your reputation and attract leads (inbound marketing) is through articles, whether those be thought leadership articles of how-to articles. People are obsessed with good content, and they will do business with those people who excel at delivering the very best.

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We’ve been consistent in delivering top quality articles, and our clients have been consistent in their praise. (Read more testimonials here.)

David I really like this and my writing style was not lost with your editing and assistance. It still reads like I wrote the story.

David – what a brilliant storyteller you are! I catch myself skimming many articles, but your article here really grabbed me to read all the way through (another skill that almost seems to be lost with the pioneers). It would be helpful if marketers 1) read your article to really “get” what you are suggesting; and 2) understand the value of good old-fashioned quality writing (and storytelling). Great job!

I was very pleased with the quality and speed of the writing you did. Many thanks, Diane

Really nice work David! … Thanks for this, the article looks great!

5 stars – 4 reviews

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  1. I have an idea. What next? (ANSWER: Excellent. You have an idea. Now all you need are the right words to move your audience and to impress your article. That’s where our professional article writers come in. You know your idea; we know the words.
  2. I want to boost my reputation. Can you do that for me? (ANSWER: Absolutely. Your reputation depends on having thought-provoking and impressive ideas, and words that convey your authority and originality. Yes, we can do that for you .
  3. I was told I need articles for inbound marketing. What gives? (ANSWER: The more article you have – really original article that attract the reader’s attention – the more effective your inbound marketing will be. Let us come up with an article marketing plan for your business.)
  4. Can I hire a ghostwriter for my article? (ANSWER: Yes. Many articles and blog posts are ghostwritten. It’s not who writers it that counts; it’s what is written that counts. We can make it happen for you.)
  5. Can you write an article and place it in the media for me? (ANSWER: That’s a tricky question. We have writers who write at many media websites, but our choice of topics is based on what amazing story we can tell. If you have an amazing story or can fit into an amazing story, the answer is “yes”.)
  6. Once the article is written, how do I get the word out? (ANSWER: We can also promote that article for you to broaden your exposure on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest LinkedIn and other social media. Fill in the yellow form and let us know that you want your article both written and promoted.)