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If you are looking for bloggers, professional writers who understand what attracts readers and holds them there, we can help.  We have been blogging for over a decade, creating interesting posts that get read and get shared in social media.

When hiring bloggers from THGM, you get a one-stop service for your blog.

  • We will write the blog posts.
  • We will find an appropriate royalty-free image to include in the post.
  • We will publish the post (if you wish) or send it to you as a draft.
  • We can also help promote your blog in social media.

We can write to whatever specifications you desire, or we can advise on what is best, based on your principle goals, either for your own blog or guest posts to publish on other blogs.  Just fill in the form on this page to let us know what kind of help you need.

Our writers have written for blogs of every topic, from personal finance blogs to fitness and nutrition, from business and corporate blogs to entertainment and recreation. They take the time to research the topic and write compelling posts that appeal either to a) your narrow audience or b) the wide world beyond your niche (but always on-topic).

If you are ready to find a blogger now, just fill in the form on this page and let us know how we can help you.

Praise for our professional bloggers

A few words of praise for our bloggers from satisfied clients. (Read more testimonials here.)

Liudas Butkus – blog owner

The article was just amazing 🙂 probably the very best guest post that I have received.


Francois Bondiguel – online marketing specialist

Really nice work David! … Thanks for this, the article looks great!


5 stars – 2 reviews

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Our blog writers are for hire, at your service. If you are looking for bloggers who can take your blog to the next level, let us know how our blogging services can help you by completing the form on this page.


  1. Can I hire a blog writer? (ANSWER: Yes. Blogs are not just personal diaries anymore. We have some great blog writers for hire; just ask for a free quote in the form to the right.)
  2. I need help writing my blog. (ANSWER: We have helped many other blogs grow their readership by providing top-quality content. Just provide some details in the form to the left and let us know how we can help.)
  3. How can I find the best blog writers? (ANSWER: We have only the best on our team – professional writers who understand how to connect with readers.)
  4. Will you also promote my blog? (ANSWER: Yes! We are especially well-placed to promote the articles we write. Just let us know that you want help promoting your posts when you fill in the form on this page.)
  5. How much does it cost to hire a blog writer? (ANSWER: That depends what help you need. Give us as much detail as possible in the form to the right, and we will provide a free quote.)