How to write a maid of honor speech – with examples

The bride has just asked you to be the maid of honor and, oh, by the way, would you like to give a speech? No worries – you got this. Here are four examples of successful maid of honor speeches we have written for real weddings.

The bride did not choose you to be maid of honor for your speaking abilities. She chose you out of love. And love might inspire your speech, but you still need to know what to say and how to say it.

If you are looking for maid of honor speech ideas or examples of maid of honor speeches, read on. [Read more…]

New scholarship for first year writing students in 2022

We are offering a new US$500 scholarship to American and Canadian high school seniors this year. Any first-year post-secondary writing-related program qualifies.

Let your young writer friends know: if they’ve applied for a first year writing-related program, they can now apply for the THGM MUSE Scholarship. The deadline is May 30.

The scholarship awards US$500 (or C$630 if they are studying in Canada) to one high school senior. They must be enrolled in (or have applied for) a writing-related program at the post-secondary level. Examples of eligible programs are: [Read more…]

Adapting books to film – how to turn a novel into a movie or TV series

There are so many films based on books. You, too, might want to turn a novel into a movie. This complete guide offers 11 screenplay-writing tips to adapt a book into a movie.

So, you’ve written a novel. Now you want to turn your book into a movie or a TV series. What could be easier?

Writing a book manuscript and writing a screenplay are very different projects. And adapting a book into a TV series or a movie takes more than just reformatting the text. Here are 11 steps for how to adapt a book into a screenplay. [Read more…]

Plain language writing guide

If you want more people to read what you’ve written and to understand what you mean, the tips in this plain English writing guide will help.

If you are writing to entertain, there’s nothing like foreshadowing, suspense and colorful language to engage your audience.

If you are writing to inform, you need to be clear. You need to be precise. You need to write in plain English. Or in plain French or German or whatever language. Readability is what matters.

  • The easier your text is to read, the more people will read it.
  • The easier your text is to read, the more of it people will read.
  • The easier your text is to read, the more people will understand your message.
  • The easier your text is to read, the fewer errors people will make.
  • The easier your text is to read, the less people will gloss over your message as they read it.

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Pets in kidlit books teach children important lessons

Another client of THGM Writing Services publishes her book. Charlie The Chomp’ion: When winning comes with a consequence by Julia Giancaspro teaches children a lesson on consequences through the eyes of her pet dog.

Let the chihuahua shine! New author Julia Giancaspro has put her pet chihuahua Charlie in print in Charlie The Chomp’ion: When winning comes with a consequence. This delightful book will entertain children ages three to 12, while teaching them about the importance of the choices they make. [Read more…]

You might be a writer (or writers)

What is a writer? We’ve looked for those tell-tale signs, and we’ve found some more. You might be a writer…or perhaps you might be several writers.

Jeff Foxworthy says that you might be a redneck. But I say that you might be a writer. In fact, I’ve said it seven times already: [Read more…]

10 New Year’s resolutions for writers and authors in 2022

Welcome to a new year – 2022. Despite that pesky virus, it’s the perfect time for fresh beginnings. If you are a writer or author, here are some New Year’s resolutions for you.

Technically, there is nothing special about New Year’s Day. It’s just the day we start counting over.

There is no reason why you can’t make resolutions to change your life today, tomorrow, next week or on June 17.

But, as we start to count over, many people take advantage of that event to also make over their lives. And why not? Any excuse to make ourselves better is a good excuse. [Read more…]

Best man speech examples – tips and ideas for a best man wedding speech

So you’re the best man or groomsman, and you’ve been asked to speak. No problem. Here are five examples of best man speeches that have been huge successes at real weddings.

Nobody has ever been chosen as a groomsman or a best man because they are great speakers, and certainly not because they are great speechwriters. If you are looking for best man speech examples or best man speech ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

A good best man wedding speech is heartfelt and funny. But most of all, it is personal. Each of these short best man speeches was hand crafted by our speech writers. You can pick up ideas from them, or you can hire our best man speech writers to write just as wonderful and personal a custom speech for you. [Read more…]

Enhanced biblical narrative published: David and Bathsheba’s story retold

Another client of THGM Writing Services publishes his book. Wisdom Betrayed: David, Bathsheba and the Man Behind the Throne is Don Clifford’s work of biblical enhancement.

The story of David and Bathsheba is one of the better known tales from the Bible. But like all Bible stories, it is told in few words. That leaves so much to the imagination. Or to speculation. Or to deductive reasoning.

That’s what Anne Rice did with her famous Christ the Lord series. And that’s what Don Clifford has done with his book Wisdom Betrayed: David, Bathsheba and the Man Behind the Throne. As he and I struggled with how I should refer to this genre, he said: [Read more…]

Do you want to hire a slave or a writer?

Some people want something for nothing. Tempting as the offer sounds, I just don’t need any more nothing right now.

Rant time! Every day – yeah, pretty much every day – I get an email from somebody seeking to hire a slave. In my mind’s eye, I see them standing there with a whip and an evil laughter. “Muuaahhahahhahahaaaaa!”

Here is one of those emails I just received. [Read more…]