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Book marketing lesson – authors you might also like

The Ottawa Public Library and provide two important lessons, one for marketing writers and one for independent authors. “If you like this book…”

Can you believe it was at the public library that I got my inspiration for this blog post about marketing? There was a rack with bookmarks specific to certain authors. But the “content” of the bookmarks was not about those authors; it was about similar authors. For instance…

“If you like Tom Clancy, why not try reading books by the following authors?”

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How to easily make $1000 per book
by NOT writing a word

Your offline referral can earn you an easy $1000 – PLUS make one of your friends so much richer that they’ll buy the next round. Here’s how…

You might have noticed that this is a new website. To celebrate, I want to send you a $1000 bill. Is that OK with you?

Here is how it works, in 5 super easy steps. Please think of all the people you know in the real world – people with offline careers – whose income depends on their reputation in the community. [Read more…]

Use pictures to bust through writer’s block

When words don’t flow, the pen need not rest.
Give drawing a go, let pics do the rest.

One of the most frequent writing-related discussion topics in blogs and in forums is how to get past writer’s block – how to find ideas, how to take the next step in one’s manuscript.

Writer Brandy Moss inspired me with this posting on Google Plus: [Read more…]

How much should you plan your plot?

Fiction writers need to plan their plots. They need to be organized. But should they also allow their characters and the plot to develop on their own?

Most people coming to us to help them write their manuscripts are first-time writers. They often don’t know where to start, or have started and are not sure where to go next. One really good question is “How much should I plan my plot?”

A huge caveat needs to be placed on any answer to this, including my answer here. No two writers are the same. No two stories are the same. The best answer for you might not be the best answer for another author. So take the following paragraphs as good advice that might be helpful, but don’t take it as Gospel truth. [Read more…]