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The top 100 books that doesn’t think you should read (Part 2)

Amazon’s “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” missed some important authors and some amazing books. This is our list of books that really should be added.

Last week we looked at the list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. presented by I suggested that there were some obvious omissions that made sense, and raised my eyebrows at some of the most prestigious literary names that were shut out. [Read more…]

The top 100 books that doesn’t think you should read (Part 1) published a list of “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime”. We tear that list apart to see what’s there, what’s missing and what will make your eyeballs pop out of your head.

As you might have guessed, the title is slightly inaccurate. actually would love you to read every book in the world, as long as you buy them there.

But Amazon did publish a list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime: “A bucket list of books to create a well-read life, from the Amazon Book Editors”. And that list did leave off a lot of very important books that some people would be upset to see missing.

To be fair, every list like this is subjective.  On what basis do you decide a book should be on the list?  That is always open to debate.  So let’s have a little fun and debate. [Read more…]

Oh, Brother! Now @BizSugar makes it easy to promote your book or business

Now that you’ve written your promotional materials, how do you get them designed and printed? This is the challenge small businesses and authors share in common. Here is a free solution.

Not long ago, I wrote about the power of bookmarks to help market your book, and how the same principle can be applied to almost any small business. Now Brother has created a ton of free templates to make it easy-peasy to create flyers, posters, calendars, business cards and other standard promotional materials. [Read more…]

The Biracial Bondage – nonfiction book published

It is always exciting to report when a client of THGM Writing Services publishes his or her book.  Joe Bama published The Biracial Bondage a few months ago, diving into a relatively unexplored niche.

Although there are not many books on mixed race marriages and the effects on their children, three percent of Americans and four percent of Canadians are involved in mixed marriages.  In both countries the trend appears to be on the upswing. [Read more…]

How to Write Good – the definitive guide

If you were always wondering how to break the rules of grammar, spelling and common sense, here’s your chance. These are the top 34 rules a good writer can break, with full explanations why not to do so.

1. Avoid utilizing sesquipedalian terminology at junctures where the vernacular suffices.

2. Prepositions should not be used to end sentences with.

3. Keep exclamation marks to a minimum! Please! [Read more…]