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When can you call yourself a writer?

Are you a writer or are you an aspiring writer?  How do you define yourself? This is the controversial question we tackle today.

If you are looking for a heated topic among writers, just ask this question: “At what point do you start calling yourself a writer?” That’s the question Robyn Petrik blogged about, then put to the Writing Resources Community.

The first response caught me totally off guard; Chris Smith responded: [Read more…]

Is it plagiarism or research?

Everybody knows it’s wrong to plagiarize.  And yet, it still happens.  A lot of plagiarism in purposeful, but some is due to uncertainty, and perhaps just a little wishful thinking.

It has been said that to copy from one source is plagiarism, but to copy from three or more sources…that’s called “research”.

Plagiarize, Let no one else’s work evade your eyes, Remember why the good Lord made your eyes, So don’t shade your eyes, But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize – Only be sure always to call it please ‘research’.

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Black Eye Monday: Batman and Superman “Reuse to Vacate” Captain America

Proofread.  Proofread. Proofread.  Kristin Johnson doesn’t want to know what “Reuse to Vacate” might mean.

The above headline might sound like a sentence from a particularly awful superhero comic book fanfiction crossover. If the good people at had used said sentence, we would have suspected they actually read awful comic book fanfiction crossovers. [Read more…]

Breast cancer survival book published

Another client of THGM Writing Services publishes her book.  Breast Cancer; The Sun Will Rise, by Pamela S. Barron, relates one woman’s struggle and victory.

Pamela Barron describes what it is like to live with metastatic breast cancer and continuous chemo treatment for seven years, so that others will know.  She says: [Read more…]