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Two-sentence horror stories that will really freak you out!

An Internet genre is emerging: two-sentence horror stories, just perfect for the Twitter generation. Here are my contribution to the genre.

Have you heard of two sentence horror stories?  I was introduced to them through one that went something like this:

“My son insisted that I check for monsters under the bed.  So I crouched down to have a look, and there was my son whispering in fright, “Daddy, I think there’s someone in my bed.”

There are plenty more all over the Internet, so I thought I would try my hand at writing a few myself.  Below are the results.  If you would like to add to the list, please place your two-sentence horror story in the comments below. [Read more…]

Being Uncertain Means You’re Alive

Client-ghostwriter collaboration is like courtship. It always starts off with uncertainty, then subsides when you slide into that rhythm of collaboration.

In listening to The Moth Podcast, I came across this quote:

“Being Uncertain Means You’re Alive”.

Because my fingers are super-glued to Google, I googled “uncertainty in a writing career” because I felt a blog post cooking. Surprise: I found a blog post from Just Write Dammit addressing this topic. More on that in just a moment. I know…there’s nothing like a dash of suspense to liven up a post about uncertainty–which, coincidentally, is often part of a writer’s job description, especially if you write fiction. [Read more…]

How to Write a Best Man Speech

Our approach to writing a best man speech is to make it personal.  There are plenty of places online to find generic speeches with canned jokes, but…seriously?

It’s that time of year again.  No, I am not talking about spring.  I am talking about best man speech writing season, which always comes just before wedding season.  Best man speeches are among my favorite writing projects, so if you know anyone who might soon be giving a best man speech, please send them my way. But be forewarned – I will ask questions! [Read more…]

Video Trailer – The Vostok Juncture

Canadian author Matt Chatelain’s video trailer for The Vostok Juncture promises adventure and intrigue.

We help authors from around the world put their ideas into words. So why are we so excited about a book we did not help write? Because the author is not from around the world, but very close to home (Brockville, Ontario), and we did help him produce his video trailer. Matt Chatelain wrote the adventure thriller The Vostok Juncture, which he calls “an all-action bobsled-run of a story”, and here is the video trailer we put together… [Read more…]

Vote for THGM Writing Services at the Small Business Book Awards

It’s always nice to be nominated but its even nicer to be voted for. We’ve been nominated for a Small Biz Book Award. Feel like voting for us?

We have been nominated at the Small Business Book Awards. That’s really cool. I don’t usually enter awards like this, but since we are nominated, I might as well ask you for your support. It is a good venue to let the world know that we write great business books.

[Read more…]