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Government needs proofreading

When we want good spelling, to whom can we turn?  Well, certainly not the government.

Government is the official everything. If government says we measure time or distance or volume in a certain way, so be it. We might grumble, but government is bigger than we are, and what government says, goes.

But government goofs, too. By “government”, I don’t mean the US Senate, the UN, Her Majesty, the Kremlin or any other specific governing body. I just mean government in general. [Read more…]

Do you have a story to write?

There is a big difference between an idea and a story.  Do you have a story to write, or just an idea?

You’ve been hit by an inspiration and you want to write a book.  It could be fiction, or even non-fiction.  The story is running through your head and you want to write it down, but you don’t know where to start.  This writing-a-book thing is not as easy as it looks!

You need a professional to write your story – a ghostwriter. [Read more…]

Nine reasons to pay your writer

Some people just don’t like paying writers.  Here are nine good reasons to pay your writer, and to pay on time.

It’s as predictable as the spring, and much more frequent. Every couple weeks somebody asks me if one of our writers would be willing to work on spec, to arrange some sort of “partnership”, to accept payment as a percentage of royalties after their book gets published, or in some other way defer payment until a later date. [Read more…]

K.I.S.S. your readers

Big words suck.  Gargantuan expressions fail to fulfill your readership’s expectations.  See how small words win the day?

Have you ever felt the need to use big words to sound more important or authoritative, or just to fill up space? Big words usually just make you sound pompous, at best. At worst, you make your text more challenging to read, and people do exactly what you might expect; they stop reading. Your writing should be as easy-flowing as possible. You should use the simplest words possible. [Read more…]