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Write like a caveman

What can writers learn from cavemen? A lot, it turns out. Here are a few ways writers can improve their craft by embracing their inner caveman.

You might think we’ve evolved quite a bit since the days when our distant ancestors fretted over coordinating the carpet and the drapes in their caves and still thought fire was a pretty cool gadget.  In some ways, we have evolved.  Take sanitation, for instance.  In other ways, like writing, we can learn a lot from cavemen. [Read more…]

Four writers spill the beans on the habits that make them awesome

It takes more than spelling and grammar to be an effective writer, as these four respected writers explain.

Not all jobs are alike, and writing comes with its own set of challenges and benefits.  As in any profession, writers develop habits to make their work more productive, more effective, less prone to errors and more satisfying.

Today I present the input of four writers I know who are NOT affiliated with THGM Writing Services, but are nevertheless well-respected writers who serve their clients well. They will share with us the habits they use to make themselves superior writers and more productive with their time.  Please feel free to address any of them individually in the comments.  I have also included their Twitter handles, so that you can follow them there if you wish. [Read more…]

Six ways to write your title for a book, movie, article or anything

At a loss for a title? Whatever you are writing, whether a book, movie or article here are six ways you can come up with a captivating title.

Whether you are writing a blog post or a book, an article or a movie, you need a title that will get your work noticed and draw people in to read or to view.  There are several tactics you can take, some more suited to one medium or another.  Here are a few of them. [Read more…]