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Who hires a ghostwriter, for a book or speech or…?

Everybody knows that some people hire ghostwriters. But it might surprise you to discover who some of those “some people” are.

This might seem an odd question – “Who hires a ghostwriter?” – and yet there do appear to be some popular misconceptions about who hires a ghostwriter. Most people have a vague idea of who works with them, but few people are really aware of how widespread their services are. [Read more…]

52 more signs that you might be a writer

Being a writer is more than just a profession.  It’s a special kind of bizarre. Check for these 52 tell-tale signs of being a writer.

In July last year, I shared with you 54 ominous signs that you might be a writer.  Writers are “special” people.  I offered that guide to help you self-screen for this condition before it becomes terminal.  Now I offer you another 52 signs you can use to self-diagnose your condition.  I strongly urge you to read that guide first, before proceeding with this one, for no particular reason.  Please feel free to let us know in the comments below if any of these signs apply to you.

CAUTION: 4 out of 5 writers who read to the end of this guide have found their writer condition to be terminal. [Read more…]

Write into the woods

Writers can learn a lot by analyzing the successful work of others. Let’s take a look at what makes Into the Woods so successful.

Amateur and budding writers can learn a lot from successful productions, be they books or screenplays. We celebrated New Year’s Day by going to see the movie version of Into The Woods. If you have not seen either the film or a stage performance, you might like to view the trailer below before reading the rest of this article. [Read more…]

Get it free – The Genesis One Code

The Genesis One Code unlocks the mysteries of creation from a scientific perspective. Get it free on from January 8 through January 10, 2015

If you have ever wondered how to reconcile the mysteries of creation, which might seem like fantastical magic to many people, with the hard facts of science, The Genesis One Code is a must-read.

We at THGM Writing Services helped visionary Daniel Friedmann put together his bestselling work, The Genesis One Code, which he introduces like this: [Read more…]