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Four resources to mine for trending content ideas

The world is talking. Is your content talking about the same things? Here are four ways to make sure it is.

In the world of online content, the topics people write about are often quite random. The goal of producing interesting and valuable content should be to establish credibility and drive visits to our websites. That can more effectively be accomplished by strategically choosing topics.

Aside from obvious topics in our chosen fields, how can we tap into and capitalize on the ever-changing flow of topical web traffic? I mean, how was I supposed to know that Kanye West was a telemarketer? [Read more…]

Point of view – how storytellers create truth

Point of view tells us through whose eyes we see a story. No point of view, no story. This article tells you how to control point of view.

My daughter was reading Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige out loud while I was driving. It’s a pleasant way to pass some time, and we are both fans of Oz and its various spin-offs. [Read more…]

How to romance a blogger – Ooh la la!

In case you thought this article would be about dating or relationships, it’s not. We are all business here. It’s about getting your story told to a blogger’s audience.

Whether you want bloggers to review your product or you are hoping to guest post for them, whether you have a juicy Infographic you know their readers will go all agog over, or whether you hope to be interviewed or quoted, you can’t just go in cold. You can’t just walk up to a blogger and kiss him smack on the lips.

You have to romance him a little first. When you have him where the only word that will pass through his lips is “Yes”, then you can ask him to help you tell your story. [Read more…]

How to write a great blog post: 99 essential writing tips for bloggers

There is much more to running a blog than writing. But writing is enough to warrant 99 tips. Follow these tips for a world-class blog.

A blogger wears many hats.  He is an artist, creating images.  She is a community manager, keeping readers engaged.  He is a programmer, keeping the blog technically functioning.  She is a marketer, promoting the blog.

But above all, a blogger is a writer.  The Internet is overflowing with blogging tips.  Today, we sift through the noise, mix a few metaphors and focus on the essential oils – the writing! So, for a good blog – no, for a great blog – read on. [Read more…]