How to write a professional bio for sales or for credibility (with example)

A short biography, or “bio”, opens your door to your audience. Here’s how to write a professional bio that opens the right door.

A bio serves one main purpose: it gives you credibility.

Consider the after-dinner speaker. If nobody introduced them and gave a little background about them, you’d be saying to yourself, “Who is this guy?”

The introduction answers that question before you ask it. That introduction is a short bio. [Read more…]

Vote for THGM Writing Services at the Small Business Book Awards

It’s always nice to be nominated but its even nicer to be voted for. We’ve been nominated for a Small Biz Book Award. Feel like voting for us?

We have been nominated at the Small Business Book Awards. That’s really cool. I don’t usually enter awards like this, but since we are nominated, I might as well ask you for your support. It is a good venue to let the world know that we write great business books.

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