Wow! Even more signs that you might be a writer

You might be a writer if…well, there are just too many signs that you might be a writer, so this is the third edition, with even more tell-tale signs that you are a writer.

Jeff Foxworthy must be turning in his grave. Well, maybe not for a while (Sorry, Jeff). But here we go again, appropriating the style of jokes he pioneered with rednecks, and applying them instead to writers. You can read the first edition here, and the second edition here, and if you survive those and are ready to read the signs below, it simply proves that you are:

A. Dead, but just don’t know it yet.

B. A glutton for punishment.

C. A certified writer.

D. All of the above.

With apologies to rednecks everywhere, you might be a writer if… [Read more…]

Is cursive writing for dinosaurs?

Cursive writing has been banned in Finland.  OK, that sounds like hyperbole, but let’s just say that the days of cursive writing are starting to look numbered.

I was asked to take a writing test the other day. I pulled out my laptop, but I was stopped. “No technology,” I was told. A few minutes later, the pain in my hand reminded me why I love keyboards, even though I am a two-finger typist. Writing has been replaced by typing for most of us. My hand cramps if I try to write for more than a minute with a pen, because the handwriting muscles have atrophied! [Read more…]

The value of cultural signposts for writers

All writing and no play makes you a dull blogger.  Here’s why you should get cultural.

Cultural signposts are important for writers of all kinds, both to connect with audiences and to connect with… well, audiences.

The first audiences I am referring to are the obvious ones – your readers. While you are immersed in writing, they are flipping channels and tuning in stations. Movies, TV shows, songs, celebrities, sports teams – these are the cultural sign posts that your readers relate to. [Read more…]

Writers Family Holiday Bingo

Are you a writer, stressed about facing the family over the Holidays?  We have instant stress relief for you in the form of Writers’ Family Holiday Bingo

For many writers, the holidays are especially difficult.

It’s not just that we’re hoping our Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa romance ebook will be published in time to catch the holiday sales. It’s not just that many of us have an artist’s budget and a shopping list that extends downstairs. [Read more…]

If cats could write epic novels

What are the elements that make bestseller fiction?  This true barn-cat story has them all.

This true story has all the makings of a bestseller for cats.  By way of background, we have two indoor cats, but this is not a story about them. This is a story about a whole community of “barn cats” that live outside our door.  Yes, we feed them; that’s my mother-in-law’s hobby.  Every few months, the composition of that community changes.  Some cats leave.  Some cats are born.  Some cats die.  Some cats return (not from the dead). [Read more…]

Two-sentence horror stories that will really freak you out!

An Internet genre is emerging: two-sentence horror stories, just perfect for the Twitter generation. Here are my contribution to the genre.

Have you heard of two sentence horror stories?  I was introduced to them through one that went something like this:

“My son insisted that I check for monsters under the bed.  So I crouched down to have a look, and there was my son whispering in fright, “Daddy, I think there’s someone in my bed.”

There are plenty more all over the Internet, so I thought I would try my hand at writing a few myself.  Below are the results.  If you would like to add to the list, please place your two-sentence horror story in the comments below. [Read more…]