Adapting books to film – how to turn a novel into a movie or TV series

There are so many films based on books. You, too, might want to turn a novel into a movie. This complete guide offers 11 screenplay-writing tips to adapt a book into a movie.

So, you’ve written a novel. Now you want to turn your book into a movie or a TV series. What could be easier?

Writing a book manuscript and writing a screenplay are very different projects. And adapting a book into a TV series or a movie takes more than just reformatting the text. Here are 11 steps for how to adapt a book into a screenplay. [Read more…]

The Last Ones – best drama screenplay at the Los Angeles Film Awards

Another client of THGM Writing Services strikes gold. C.D. Peterson’s WWII-era screenplay The Last Ones wins “Best Drama Screenplay” at the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

It’s always exciting when a venerated organization singles out your work as the best of the best. The Los Angeles Film Awards is such an organization, and The Last Ones is the screenplay it just singled out as “Best Drama Screenplay”.

Here’s the log line:

Douglas, a New England farm boy, and his family survive the hardships of WWII, but then must fight to save their way of life from developers during the unbridled post war boom.

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Try Craigslist to sell your screenplay

If your screenplay can’t break into Hollywood, don’t just put it on the shelf. Take a trip on Craigslist or Kijiji to meet more approachable producers.

Writers are often passionate about their writing, but clueless as to what to do once they have written their manuscript.  If your manuscript is a screenplay, why not head over to Craigslist (or Kijiji in Canada) to find someone interested in producing your screenplay?  If this seems a little unorthodox (or did the word “creepy” come to mind?), please follow my three trains of thought. [Read more…]