Nine reasons to pay your writer

Some people just don’t like paying writers.  Here are nine good reasons to pay your writer, and to pay on time.

It’s as predictable as the spring, and much more frequent. Every couple weeks somebody asks me if one of our writers would be willing to work on spec, to arrange some sort of “partnership”, to accept payment as a percentage of royalties after their book gets published, or in some other way defer payment until a later date. [Read more…]

What is a ghostwriter?

Oddly enough, this is a question that seems to confuse a lot of people.  Just what is a ghostwriter?

People come to me seeking a ghostwriter, but they are not completely sure what one is. People come asking for a writer, but are not sure whether it is a ghostwriter they really want. What is the difference between a writer and a ghostwriter?

Well, a writer is someone who writes. In case you missed that definition, I explained it here. [Read more…]

Why we NEVER ask for testimonials

Interesting fact – every single testimonial on this website was volunteered by our clients. We do not seek out testimonials. Read on to find out why.

If you read a lot about marketing on the Internet, you will know how important it is to be seen as credible to website visitors. This is important to us, too; when you visit our website, we want you to feel assured that we are credible.
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Historical Writing Comes Alive at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference

“Please turn off your cell phones. We are going back into the past.”  Let’s take a glimpse of how historical fiction is crafted, by some of today’s finest craftsmen.

On Sunday, June 8 in the El Cabrillo Room of the Santa Barbara Hyatt, moderator Barnaby Conrad III, son of Santa Barbara Writers Conference founders Mary and Barnaby Conrad II, announced, “Please turn off your cell phones. We are going back into the past.” He introduced the panel: [Read more…]

Being Uncertain Means You’re Alive

Client-ghostwriter collaboration is like courtship. It always starts off with uncertainty, then subsides when you slide into that rhythm of collaboration.

In listening to The Moth Podcast, I came across this quote:

“Being Uncertain Means You’re Alive”.

Because my fingers are super-glued to Google, I googled “uncertainty in a writing career” because I felt a blog post cooking. Surprise: I found a blog post from Just Write Dammit addressing this topic. More on that in just a moment. I know…there’s nothing like a dash of suspense to liven up a post about uncertainty–which, coincidentally, is often part of a writer’s job description, especially if you write fiction. [Read more…]

Oh, Brother! Now @BizSugar makes it easy to promote your book or business

Now that you’ve written your promotional materials, how do you get them designed and printed? This is the challenge small businesses and authors share in common. Here is a free solution.

Not long ago, I wrote about the power of bookmarks to help market your book, and how the same principle can be applied to almost any small business. Now Brother has created a ton of free templates to make it easy-peasy to create flyers, posters, calendars, business cards and other standard promotional materials. [Read more…]

Book marketing lesson – authors you might also like

The Ottawa Public Library and provide two important lessons, one for marketing writers and one for independent authors. “If you like this book…”

Can you believe it was at the public library that I got my inspiration for this blog post about marketing? There was a rack with bookmarks specific to certain authors. But the “content” of the bookmarks was not about those authors; it was about similar authors. For instance…

“If you like Tom Clancy, why not try reading books by the following authors?”

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