New foraging cookbook for homesteaders and nature lovers

July 13, 2020   🕑 2 minutes read

A THGM ghostwriter publishes her own book to help homesteaders, survivalists and nature lovers turn edible wild plants into gourmet dishes.

Usually our ghostwriters remain in the shadows, writing books, screenplays, speeches and articles for our clients.

But Karen Stephenson has stepped out of the shadows to pen her own Foraging Cookbook. This recipe book is built completely on edible wild food – plants you can find by foraging.

Karen is the top wild food educator in Canada, and one of the top in North America. She is often found giving wilderness tours to delighted groups. She is also a chartered herbalist. This book applies her knowledge to edible plants available widely across North America.

Inside the Foraging Cookbook

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

  • The fundamentals of foraging, ethical harvesting and how to grow or buy “foraged” foods
  • 75 tasty recipes, including plenty of main courses and substantial meals, as well as deserts, bread and of course salads
  • Recipes arranged by the type of foraged food, including greens, mushrooms, seeds and fruit
  • Easy-to-find, easy-to-forage ingredients that are widely available across North America and are easily foraged near human habitation
  • Helpful tips on how to prepare wild plant ingredients, so you can create your own recipes

Here’s the description on the back cover of the book:

You don’t have to go too far to find fresh flavors: an astounding array of delicious, nutritious, free ingredients is probably right outside your door. All you have to do is go find them—and cook them with care. Foraging Cookbook makes it easy to go wild with wild foods, including berries, seeds, mushrooms, and more.

From Baked Veggie Burgers to Wild Pizza, this comprehensive foraging cookbook delivers everything you need to transform fresh, found edibles into delectable dishes your whole family will enjoy. Get some fresh air and exercise while foraging local fields and nearby forests for your next mouthwatering meal — with a little help from Foraging Cookbook.


A boost for the homesteading diet

Foraging cookbook cover

I think the next cookies I’ll bake will be Karen’s pine needle cookies on page 157. She even shows how to make pine needle powder. With all the pine trees growing around here, this is an ample free source of nutritious food. And pine needles are available year-round, even up here in the Great White North.

And that’s the point of a book like this. You add variety to your diet, which means a stronger overall nutrition footprint. And you get the ingredients for free. It’s a bonus that this recipe book shows you how to put them together so that they taste great.

If you are a nature lover or a survivalist, or you simply want to expand your culinary horizons, this book is a great resource.

My only complaint? No recipes for giant puffball mushrooms, which I hope to harvest later this summer.

Looking for a fresh and healthy culinary adventure? You can pick up your copy of Forging Cookbook at

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  1. Karen Stephenson says:
    at 1:29 pm


    The pine cookies are incredibly tasty! I’ve been making these for years and to date, everyone who has tried them, really enjoys them!

    Thanks for sharing – much appreciated!


  2. Tara says:
    at 4:23 pm

    Great idea and a wonderful resource for so many people! Edible wild plants aren’t something most would consider using in “traditional” recipes, but it’s a creative alternative often found right nearby.

  3. Philip Varghese Ariel says:
    at 9:40 pm

    Hi David,
    Good to be here again after a bit gap.
    Good to know about Karen’s Foraging CookBook.
    This is indeed a new concept to me,
    Thanks for sharing the taste of what you’ll find inside the book. But sad you would have included one or two receipies for your readers to have a try before dip into the full one!
    Any ways thanks for sharing this wonderful review.
    Keep sharing. By the by thanks for dropping by.
    All good wishes to both of your.
    BeSafe StaySafe.
    ~ Phil

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