Bringing Down High Blood Pressure published

October 27, 2009   Tags: 🕑 1 minute read

Another client of THGM Writing Services publishes his book. Bringing Down High Blood Pressure is Dr. Chad Rhoden’s guide to all suffering from high blood pressue.

Our ghostwriting and editing team has helped another expert travel that exciting and challenging road from expert with important advice to published author. Dr. Chad Rhoden’s new book Bringing Down High Blood Pressure is now available for pre-ordering from

Cover - Bringing down high blood pressure

Learn straightforward solutions you can incorporate both immediately and in the long term. Focusing on lifestyle factors readers can change, Dr. Rhoden weighs in on alternative therapies for reducing blood pressure, while Sarah Schein brings her dietary expertise to the table with practical advice on nutrition, tips for healthy food selection and preparation, and 70 tantalizing recipes each with its own nutritional breakdown.

Kristin Johnson was the book writer helping Dr. Rhoden find the right words to express the ideas and information he is conveying – vital information that everybody should read for their own health.

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