How to self-publish your book (free guide)

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If you are are looking at your manuscript and thinking “What next?”, this free guide on how to self-publish your book will help you decide your next steps.

One of the most frequent questions we get from book-writing clients is: “How do I get published?”

The answer is complicated. That is because there are so many options. To help answer the question, we have produced How to Self-publish Your Book: “the no-fluff guide”.

How To Self-publish Your BookAs the title implies, this is not a long-winded tome. It is short and sweet and exists for one reason only: to help you decide which publishing option to choose. For that reason, this book is not a step-by-step tutorial on any of the options. In fact, any publishing program you choose will have its own, detailed how-to guide.

The one exception to this is traditional self-publishing, where you are the boss. There is no program, so there is no guide. How to Self-publish Your Book: “the no-fluff guide”, does go into much greater detail on traditional self-publishing. This is partly so that you will know what to do, and partly so that you have a full appreciation of all that is involved if you choose that option. As you can probably guess, self-publishing can involve more work.

Download your free copy of How to Self-publish Your Book: “the no-fluff guide” here.

If you are a blogger or have a social media audience that includes up and coming writers, please let them know about this guide to self-publishing.

If you are a writer and you are not yet ready to publish, if you need a ghostwriter or editing help, we have a team of helpful ghostwriters and editors ready to help you.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:
    at 2:31 am

    Thanks David! Have a few out there, it’s a nice way to get started in the product creation game 😉

  2. Stacie Walker says:
    at 12:56 pm

    Hi David! Nicely explained. Thanks for being an outstanding leader and showing the way to simply publishing a book with ease. Keep up the amazing work.

    Stacie Walker

  3. Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA says:
    at 7:47 pm

    Great advice to proffer, David!
    Thanks for the download, too!

  4. Teresita Oton says:
    at 1:43 pm

    Hi David! I really appreciated your write ups. Thanks for showing me on how to publish the book simply. How I wish to be part of this venture.

  5. vijay says:
    at 4:24 pm

    Hi, good points that every self publisher should be aware of. With the advent of self publishing software and abundant information on it, more and more authors are leaning towards self publishing their books. Thanks for the download.

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