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The bride has just asked you to be the maid of honor and, oh, by the way, would you please give a speech? No worries – you got this. Here are four examples of successful maid of honor speeches we have written for real weddings.

The bride did not choose you to be maid of honor for your speaking abilities. She chose you out of love. And love might inspire your speech, but you still need to know what to say and how to say it. How can you write your maid of honor speech?

If you are looking for maid of honor speech examples or ideas, read on.

A decade ago, most wedding speech requests we were getting were for best man speeches. But that is no longer the case. We have been getting more and more requests for maid of honor wedding speeches. And we have also been getting more requests for parental speeches, such as father of the groom or mother of the bride speeches.

Remember that the most important aspect of your speech is to be yourself. Speak from the heart. It also helps to be funny. While emotion is the hallmark of a great maid of honor speech, storytelling is the meat of it.

Each of these sample maid of honor speeches was custom written by our speech writers. Feel free to get inspired and find tips and ideas in them. Or contact us to write just as wonderful and personal a custom maid of honor speech for you.

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Here are five custom-crafted maid of honor speech examples we have written. Note that names, places and other identifying features have been changed to protect the privacy of the maid of honor, the bride, the groom and anybody else mentioned in each sample maid of honor wedding speech published here.

How to write a maid of honor speech examples

Puddle girl brings sunshine to this funny maid of honor speech example

Hi everybody. My name is Naomi, and I am so excited to say a few words in honor of my puddle friend, Chelsea, the bride.

Yes, Chelsea and I met through a puddle.

I looked it up, and the only other besties who met through a puddle were Bill and Heather. They were characters in an episode of Doctor Who, so I’m pretty sure they don’t count.

It was during the first few days of college. Chelsea was playing in the puddles, and I was watching. I couldn’t help but smile. Next thing you know, I offered to share my umbrella.

Thirteen years later, after so long as my roommate and my travelling companion, after so many stories and secrets to tell, she’s still my sunshine.

In fact, Chelsea is just that kind of person.





And she is like family to me.

Indeed, I feel that way about her whole family, who has always been kind, generous and welcoming. I really must give a huge shout-out to Clara and Rick, not just for hosting this wonderful occasion, but mostly for raising such an amazing human being as Chelsea.

I should also thank Jason’s parents for the rehearsal dinner last night. I don’t know Jason nearly as well as I would like to, and I know him much less than hope I soon will. But from what I have seen so far, you have a lot to be proud of in your son.

Fun fact – I first met Jason at my own wedding. I guess Chelsea already had a sense that he might be “The One.”
Jason, you can look forward to a caring, kind-hearted and loving wife.

Just to give you an idea of how caring, kind-hearted and loving Chelsea can be, allow me to share with you and everyone here, what I like to call “The Italian Scooter Incident.”

Chelsea and I were traveling in Italy, and we were along the coast just south of Genoa.

Beautiful scenery.

Beautiful weather.

And scooters!

I got into my head that I could drive us both around Cinque Terre on a scooter, just because I had driven one before.


So the rental man runs through the basics as I get on the scooter.

Piece of cake.

I can do this.

So I twisted the handle bar, hit the gas and Zoooom! I flew across the street at full speed straight into a parked car.


Picture the scene.

I was on the ground next to the car.

The scooter lay in the middle of the street blocking traffic.

Chelsea was rushing across the street to me with tears in her eyes.


Those tears were tears of laughter!

In fairness to Chelsea, she did ask if I was OK.

And she did bring me my shoe, which I had apparently lost along with my dignity.

So, Jason, when times get tough, you’ll be able to count on Chelsea… to laugh.

Because she is just that kind of a sunny person.

Another of Lisa’s best qualities is that she is brutally honest. She’ll tell you if that outfit isn’t as hot on you as you might think it is.

But one of the most interesting features Jason is getting in his new wife is her TV and movie watching habits.

First, let it be known that Chelsea has watched every movie and every show know to man, and some that aren’t. And if she likes a movie, she’ll watch it again and again…fast forwarding to the good parts.

The only thing Chelsea seems to like more than watching movies is proofreading the screenplay. Yes, subtitles are always on.

Short attention span?

Hard of hearing, perhaps?

At a store in Utah not long ago, the clerk asked Chelsea if she would like a receipt. Her response?

“Yes, we love the coffee here.”

Ah…perhaps that explains the subtitles.

Chelsea, I hope your hearing and attention span are in top shape today, because I meant almost every word of what I’ve said.


I have been told I should share some advice from my own marriage, but after three years, we’re still making it up as we go along. But here are a few handy tips.

Never go to bed angry.

Say “I love you” often.

Be patient.

Be kind.

Be you.


I told you I had so many stories and secrets to tell, but the rest of them will have to wait for another day. Let’s do like Chelsea and fast-forward to the good part – when we toast the bride and groom.

But let’s do something a little different today. Could you please make sure that all your glasses are half full.
Above all, make sure that your glass is not half empty.

I mentioned earlier how Cheslsea always seems to see the glass as half full, never half empty. So, it is very important that we toast Chelsea with glasses that are half full and not half empty.

Now, please join me in toasting the bride and groom.


Wild and crazy maid of honor speech example

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family … and especially Mandy and Kostas.

I am told that as Maid of Honor, I should give a speech. As the bride’s sister, I was tempted to model this speech on those our father used to give us.

You remember those speeches, right Mandy? They went on for hours. They seemed to last all night.

You see, Mandy is the oldest of us five. She made it a bit of a habit to come home late, and when she was out, to never call to tell our parents where she was. So guess what happened when she got home?

Yes, she got a lecture. And so did the rest of us!

Try to picture us lined up in the living room, just like in The Sound of Music, except without the matching dresses. And it was in the middle of the night.

But the speech was just the beginning. We would all be punished, not just Mandy. Up at 6:00 am, army-style, for a one-hour run around the block before school. After school, straight to our room to study.

Why did our Dad punish us all for something Mandy did? If he thought that Mandy would behave better because of peer pressure from the rest of us…sorry, that didn’t work.

Perhaps he thought it would be a deterrent for the rest of us? Well, Mandy, if that was his reason, it worked! None of us dared try the things you got away with.

Mandy, my stylish, outspoken older sister. What can I say about her…in mixed company?

Mandy was indeed the eldest, but she often acted the youngest. Now, as she marries, she gets to catch up to me. I fact, in marrying Kostas, she is passing me. Mitch and I have two kids. Tommy is two and Jessica is four. Kostas’ son Shawn is already ten. That’s pulling ahead quick, Mandy!

I do hope that Mandy and Kostas have kids together. I want to be an aunt to their children, God willing. And I hope they do it soon, so that their kids can grow up with mine.

Just one thing, Kostas, that I should warn you about. If I am aunt to your children…well, aunts in our family come with a certain … attitude. My aunts would often smack us across the head and tell us how dumb we were. It’s OK, we would always pick ourselves up off the ground. No permanent damage. It was just their way of showing their love for us.

So don’t be afraid, Kostas.

In fact, I would want to be the kind of aunt to your children that Mandy is to mine. Seriously, the greatest gift my sister has ever given me is unconditional love for my kids. I consider her to be a second mom to them. She’s a fun aunt. She’s a friend.

And so is Kostas – a friend, that is, not a second mom. When he comes over, Jessica looks forward to playing soccer with him. And Tommy looks forward to him making him laugh. Kostas is full of love, and I know he will bring so much love and happiness to Mandy.

Kostas, I want to welcome you and Shawn to our big, crazy family. We are tight, we are fun-loving, we are friendly. But most of all, we are your family now, too. We are proud of Mandy, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that she could not have made a better choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand and raise your glasses…and join me in a toast to Mandy and Kostas.

Short maid of honor speech example

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family … and especially Julie and Alex.

It has been said many times that money can’t buy you love, but today we have been shown how that is not true. Over a decade ago, Julie and Alex met at an ATM machine.

Of course, it was not the money – the machine might even have been empty. If I am not mistaken, it was Julie’s blue eyes that might be the real reason we are here today.

As Maid of Honor, I have the privilege of saluting Julie and Alex, two of the most amazing people I know, as well as some very special people in their lives.

You see, this is a couple who surround themselves with a small, tight-knit group of loyal and caring friends.

For instance, it is good to see Alanna here from Seattle, CeCelia from Memphis and Crystal from South Bend, all close friends of Julie’s for years. And it is equally good to see Alex’ three best men Darnell, Kurt and Matt – too close and loyal all three of them for him to choose just one.

I have also known Julie’s mother, Joni Payne, for years. Her support and love for Julie, as well as Kevin’s, Alex’ father, is surely one of the reasons she is the wonderful person she is today.

And from what I know of Alex, I am sure his family must be just as supportive and loving. I do know that they have certainly taken Julie in and treated her like a daughter.

Alex, I think this is where I am supposed to tell you to treat your “Boush” well, too. You see, Julie and I have been such close friends for so many years and I love her dearly. But I know you have been treating her splendidly for 10 years already and I know you will treat her just as well now that she is your wife, because if there is one word that best describes you, it is “kindness”.

I find it interesting how two people can be so compatible, even with their own unique characteristics. Alex is a gentleman of leisure, enjoying fine scotch and cigars, travelling and watching sports.

Julie can be quirky like me in some ways. We used to go out for sushi frequently, but mostly for the rice. Her mother once gave us both traditional Korean outfits in bright pink and lime green, just so we could sit and have oriental tea together.

But Julie and Alex also share so much in common, especially having built a life together already over the past decade. Most of that time, they have actually been a threesome – if you include Tug, their dog. In fact, sometimes I wonder who runs that household. Tug loves to take Julie’s place on the couch, leaving her a very nice spot on the floor.

Julie, a lot of women wish for a fairytale wedding. But what would be even more wonderful would be to live a fairytale life. I think this wedding, after ten years of sharing and caring together, shows that you are living that fairytale life.

I want to wish you and Alex many more decades of joy together. May you love. May you smile. May you care. May you live the fairytale.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand and raise your glasses…and join me in a toast to Julie and Alex.

To Julie and Alex.

* While we label this a “short maid of honor speech example”, we would rarely write any wedding speech over five minutes.


Man of honor speech example from big brother to little sister

Hi everybody. Carl here again.

What a special day!

Special Anita, my sister and my best friend in the world.

Special Gavin, who gets to marry Anita.

And, as Man of Honor, I’m feeling pretty special, too.

And as Man of Honor, I am supposed to give a speech.

But I’m not going to.


I will tell a story instead. This is a love story.

Stories are so much more interesting than speeches, don’t you think? Especially when they take place in exotic locales.

Like Venice.

And like Malta.

And like…Euclid.

Maid of honor speech tip

You see, Anita really is my best friend. I love her dearly. We talk every day. How many siblings do that?

Well, it wasn’t always that way.

Flashback to Euclid, 1999.

Back then, young Anita and I were on fighting terms. It was a good thing we each had our own room, because Mom had to keep separating us. One of us might have never survived childhood if we had been stuck in the same room.

But having one’s own room can be equally dangerous.

I did say this is a love story, didn’t I?

One day, our father brought home Venetian blinds. Not those fake ones made in an industrial plastic factory in Allentown or Cleveland. No, these were those fancy ones covered in fabric, like they were flown in straight from highly-skilled artisans in Venice – because they were “Venetian” blinds.

You see, that’s how big a deal this was. We each got these fancy Venetian blinds in our rooms, and that’s the day the world changed forever.

Dad gave us this big lecture about taking care of the blinds. If you’ve ever heard my father when he gets serious, it was:



Yes, sir.

So now, fast forward a week. Still Euclid. Still 1999.

Still with new, expensive not-to-be-touched blinds.

I’m hanging out downstairs, immersed in my video games, when all of a sudden:


It was my dear, sweet mom.

Needless to say, I rushed up the stairs to find out why my fucking ass was needed upstairs in such a hurry.

When I reached the threshold of my room, I stopped dead on the spot.

My mouth fell open.

I was speechless.

The sight before my eyes was too horrible to contemplate.


There they were, my brand new Venetian blinds, with the letters J-O-E written on them.



I just looked at my mom in a panic.

“I didn’t do that.”

“Anita did that.”

“It wasn’t me.”

Now, some little girls are all pudding and cupcakes and sugar plums, right?

Not my dear little sister. Not that day, anyway. She was all deadpan and poker face and innocence.

“Why would I write your name on your blinds?”

And my mother bought it. Oh, she bought it.

“Yeah, why would your sister write YOUR name on YOUR blinds?”

My sister kept her cool and went on with her day.

Me… I was grounded for the entire summer.

This was a traumatic moment that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

But for Anita, it was just Wednesday.


Mom did let me go. Eventually.

And it’s a good thing, because before you knew it, a mere 12 years later, I had to rush off to Malta to save Anita.

She moved to Malta seven years ago.

This was unsettling for our tight-knit family. We were worried. We didn’t know what was happening. It can be scary not knowing.

Fortunately, the Venetian blinds grounding that I surely had LONG AGO FORGOTTEN was over by then.

So I hopped on a plane to Malta.

It turned out there was this guy named Gavin there.

I know, I know – what a coincidence.

Instantly, I knew she would be OK. She had met the missing piece of her puzzle.

Gavin was clearly kind and self-assured. He treated Anita like a partner and an equal, attentive to her needs. He wasn’t overbearing or insecure.

He was just being himself and it was effortless, which complemented his already easy-going, laid-back style and sensibility. I felt at ease with him right away.

On an interesting note, he was also covered in fabric, just like expensive Venetian blinds. Coincidence?

I feel as if Anita and Gavin’s shared experience of living and working in Malta created a stronger, more familiar bond than a few months knowing each other would normally forge.

Their energies just clicked.

I told you this is a love story, right?

Now, fast forward to last Christmas.

We are all gathered together, and I nonchalantly mention the Venetian blinds that really I had forgotten aaaaalll about.

And Anita – sweet, adorable, innocent Anita – casually admits…

”Oh, yeah. That was me.”


Twenty years of trauma.

Twenty years of pain.

Twenty years gnawing at me from the inside, and YOU ACT LIKE IT’S NO BIG DEAL!?!

Do you know what that’s done to me?

I walk around the block to avoid passing in front of blinds stores.

I joined Curtain Lovers of America for support.

I can’t even stand blinding light.

You are the reason I don’t have blinds in my apartment.

And you’re just, like:

”Oh, yeah. That was me.”


Gavin, let me give you some advice. Man to Man.

If you are heading into marriage, go with your eyes wide open. Be prepared. Make sure you are fully armed.

Here, take my Anita.

Just in case, Michael. Just in case.


Believe it or not, there’s more to a successful marriage than a loaded Sharpie. There’s more to setting up a household. There’s more to building a family.

Anita and Gavin have made a start at creating a family. They already have two dogs – two border collies – called Ozzy and Cleopatra.


Every good story deserves an epilogue.

Somewhere between Euclid and Venice and Malta, Anita and I became best friends. I love my sister dearly.

Like Mom always said, “Siblings having the longest relationship you’ll ever have in life.”

Anita and Gavin will live happily ever after. I know it. They make a wonderful couple, full of love, full of caring and wonderfully compatible.

And I am so excited to welcome Gavin into our family.

Yes, this is a love story in every sense of the word.

And every good love story deserves a toast to the happy couple. Would you please raise your glasses and join me in a toast to the bride and groom.

To Anita and Gavin, may they live happily ever after.

Matron of honor speech example with a magic trick for twin sister

Good evening everyone! For those who don’t know me, my name is Wendy, and I am Amber’s identical twin sister.
Tonight, one of us looks more magically stunning than usual. [wink]

I first want to thank all of you for coming and celebrating this beautiful new marriage of my best friend and twin sister, Amber, to my new, amazing brother-in-law, Mikey.

To everyone who traveled far to get here, I know Amber and Mikey sincerely appreciate you spending their special day with them.

It’s great to look stunning on one’s wedding day, but I know you all made Amber and Mikey feel stunning.

I especially want to thank our parents, Ben and Elsa, for hosting this celebration tonight.

And a very special thank you to Mickey’s parents, Evan and Lilly, for hosting the dinner rehearsal and welcome drinks last night.


WOW! This day has already been a truly magical fairy tale.

Looking around the venue, I am so amazed at all the tiny details and hard work that went into today.

But, I am not totally surprised.

Most of you that know how Amber had every second of this wedding planned the week after she was engaged.


Of course, she had a 10-page, color-coded, Excel spreadsheet with hyperlinked pictures, timelines and interactive GIFs.


Amber has always had this unique, immortal quality about her. When she gets an idea in her head, it magically happens in a blink of an eye.

AND it’s somehow executed flawlessly.

For the rest of us mortals, it would take months just to figure out the idea!

I would like to take a quick poll. How many people here have had Amber’s help planning or organizing your life?


[SMILE] That’s what I thought.

Maid of honor speech tip

When Amber asked me to be her matron of honor, I felt extremely honored, although slightly nervous about taking on such a big task.

Some of you might recall my wedding day, when Amber was my maid of honor. She had the whole crowd cheering and singing a song she had personally created.

So when she asked me to be her maid of honor, my immediate reaction was … panic!

With Amber’s wedding plans made within a week, I’m still not sure how I could ever compete with the famous sing-along routine. But hopefully, something will magically happen in a blink of an eye.

Don’t blame me. Blame my father – sorry Dad – for our competitiveness.

I still remember our first official competition. It was a third grade speech competition.

We were thankfully placed in separate rooms, so we did not have to compete against each other.

I was so proud of my first place ribbon that I could not wait to show Amber!

I happened to be done just in time to watch my sister’s speech, and I remember thinking to myself:
“WOAH…. I am so glad I don’t have to compete against that! ”

She was, of course, perfection…hand gestures, changing her voice, everyone was in awe!

I knew she would get first place in her room, so in my mind, we tied!

Well, it turns out they gave a grand champion trophy to everyone who competed that day.

Then, she plunked the trophy on the table, right in front of my face at brunch, to rub it in just a little.

That’s when I realized that it’s better to have my sister compete with me on the same team than against me!

The thing is, we are on the same team. Always.

Amber is not just my sister.

She is not just my twin.

She is my best friend.

We’ve been through many highs and a few lows together.

Amber, you’ve been the best support system. You always motivate me to be the best I can be. This is who you are.

In August, we went to Lake Tahoe for Amber’s bachelorette party.

We created a scrapbook for Amber as a keepsake.

Each family member and close friend wrote a letter to Amber. Part of the letter was our favorite quality about her.
As the letters came in, tears filled my eyes, because it was clear that we all feel the same way.

Every single letter talked about Amber’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

Amber, do you know why we are all here today? Do you know why we all love you so much?

Because you always go out of your way to make sure everyone feels loved.

And you never expect anything in return.

You are happiest when others are happy!

And we are all so happy to see you happy and in love with Mikey.

I first heard of Mikey when visiting Amber in Boston.

I was helping her fill out an online dating profile, when a Facebook message popped up from Mikey.


He had met Amber in the middle of a 5k race.

They ran the race together, side by side … he said.

He had introduced himself at the end … he said.

They had formed a very strong connection … he said.

Aaaawww…. “My goodness, Amber, that’s so sweet!!”


“I have no clue who this person is!”


Kathy and I did some intense back ground checks on this fishy Mikey character.

He seemed to check out safe… so we encouraged Amber to go out on a date with him.

What’s to lose? He had already formed a “special bond” with her! [TWO FINGER AIR QUOTES]

After their first date, I could tell Amber was smitten.

She told me that they had the best conversation, Mikey was such a gentleman, and they ended the night with dancing – her favorite!

I really knew it was more than just a fling when they went to Jamaica just three weeks later!

Amber came back very much in love.

When my family met Mikey for the holidays, we all agreed that Amber had met her perfect match.

We found Mikey to be laid back, humorous and extremely down to earth – just what Amber needs at times!

Mikey so wanted to impress us, that he performed a couple magic tricks – and stumped us all!

Did I mention that Amber and I can sometimes be competitive?

With a year-and-a-half to prepare for this day, I took some underground classes. Tonight…I perform my first magic trick!


My first trick was going to involve an ax and Amber’s wedding ring … but my trial run didn’t go so well.


Since it’s your wedding night, I’ve chosen a harmless card trick for you both.

Can I get a volunteer from the audience? Ah, you sir.

Please welcome Peter Mayo!!


Amber and Mikey, you are an inspiration to all of us.

You are stunning.

You are magical.

Together, you radiate love.

I am honored to be a significant part of your special day and of your special life. I love you both sooo much.
Would everybody please take your glasses, stand with me, and… [PAUSE FOR PEOPLE TO STAND]
…join me in wishing Amber and Mikey a lifetime of laughter and excitement for all the adventures yet to come. Cheers!

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