Did a murder mystery victim just write his own autobiography?

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If The Case of the Disappearing Quarterback is a murder mystery, how did the victim just write the book? In this quarterback’s autobiography, we find out how Mike Boryla escaped the death sentence of his dozen NFL companions.

Mike Boryla sets off alarms when he walks through the metal detectors at airports.

Not because he is our client, with a newly published autobiography: The Case of the Disappearing Quarterback.

Mike Boryla author

Not because he is a family man, happily married to Annie, with four sons to their name.

Not because he is a playwright. Not because he is a stage director. Not because he is a movie producer. And not because he is a stage actor.

Not even because he is an autobiographer. But his autobiography will tell you how he got that alarm-setting titanium in his leg.

The Case of the Disappearing Quarterback is the tale of an NFL quarterback, and especially his formative years. But it is mostly a story of survival. Twelve of Mike’s NFL teammates are “deader than doornails just like Marley in A Christmas Carol.”

How did he make it this far? The better question might be, how did he make it this far past all of these:

  • three concussions
  • a bruised sternum
  • a torn rotator cuff
  • three broken noses
  • two nose surgeries
  • a mouth surgery
  • three torn ligaments
  • a stomach surgery
  • five knee surgeries
  • 60 stitches on his face
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

At 71, Mike is very much alive.

Yes, this man’s autobiography could be mistaken not only for a murder mystery novel, but equally for a medical textbook.

Could the explanation for his survival be found in how he disappeared for 35 years? Here is what the back cover teaser says about the book.

Cover - The Case of The Disappearing Quarterback

I know what you’re thinking. Yea. I know what you’re all thinking. You’re all thinking that this is another murder mystery. Right? Be honest but that is what you are thinking. Some mafioso serial killer is on the loose whacking quarterbacks. Well I survived and I played quarterback. That is why I disappeared for thirty five years. I never got killed like twelve of my football friends did! Somehow I slipped through the cracks and made it to seventy one which is my age as I type these words. I suffered three concussions, a bruised sternum, a torn rotator cuff, three broken noses, two nose surgeries, one mouth surgery, three torn ligaments, another stomach surgery, five knee surgeries including two 3D printed ceramic artificial knee surgeries, sixty stitches in various sundry locations on my face and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The titanium in my legs sets off alarms when I walk through the metal detectors at airports. “Just a flesh wound” as so eloquently stated by Monty Python in the British comedy Holy Grail.

I have twelve friends who are deader than doornails just like Marley in A Christmas Carol. But I digress let’s get to the story.

The Disappearing Quarterback murder mystery

You can pick up your copy of The Case of the Disappearing Quarterback at Amazon.com or at Amazon.ca.

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