Pets in kidlit books teach children important lessons

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Another client of THGM Writing Services publishes her book. Charlie The Chomp’ion: When winning comes with a consequence by Julia Giancaspro teaches children a lesson on consequences through the eyes of her pet dog.

Let the chihuahua shine! New author Julia Giancaspro has put her pet chihuahua Charlie in print in Charlie The Chomp’ion: When winning comes with a consequence. This delightful book will entertain children ages three to 12, while teaching them about the importance of the choices they make.

Julia Giancaspro author

“Throughout my years as an educator I learned that discussions with my students about my pets has always been a topic that sparked their curiosity. The children love to see photos of my dogs and cat, share their stories about their own pets and they always ask an endless amount of questions.

“I realized that if I want to reach more children and help them learn to be better people, I could do it best through my pets. So, I had to make Charlie a star.”


A Toronto-based author, Julia is a registered early childhood educator. One of her favorite activities with her students has always been reading storybooks. So it comes as no surprise that when she had a story to tell, she turned to writing.

“I strongly believe that literature is a very important part of a child’s development, and I always enjoyed story time myself as a young girl. There’s something special about children’s literature that brings you back to a memorable time during your childhood. This is how I became inspired to write my own children’s books.

“My hope and goals are to not only bring entertainment to young children with my books, but to also provide them with an educational aspect.”


cover Charlie the ChompionHere is the official back-of-the-book teaser:

Charlie is a small dog with a very large appetite. She never turns down food, especially her favorite doggie cookies and treats. After entering a cookie-eating contest, Charlie not only takes home the winning prize but also a very valuable lesson.

“Love your dog enough to provide him or her a healthy lifestyle.” โ€“ Canine Health & Nutrition Quotes by Primal Pooch


Real-life Charlie will never know she’s a star. She was a “sweet, kind, loving and funny” long-haired chihuahua, and this book was dedicated to her. Julia makes it clear that this story is fictional, but real-life Charlie never missed a bite and will always be remembered for her enthusiasm for food.

Illustrated by Stefanie St. Denis with editorial assistance from THGM Writersโ€™ own Karen Stephenson, this is a story that so many children will enjoy.

You can pick up your copy of Charlie The Chomp’ion at or at

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