Use pictures to bust through writer’s block

When words don’t flow, the pen need not rest.
Give drawing a go, let pics do the rest.

One of the most frequent writing-related discussion topics in blogs and in forums is how to get past writer’s block – how to find ideas, how to take the next step in one’s manuscript.

Writer Brandy Moss inspired me with this posting on Google Plus:

Can’t seem to get the word flowing today. Instead I ended up with a poorly drawn tree house. My main character doesn’t know he’s about to wake up there.

She accompanied it with the image below, to which I added my own comment.

Pictures can write stories, too.

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  1. Good tip! I guess that’s why Wordless Wednesdays are so popular in blogosphere.

  2. Hmmm, I will try this sometime, except I’m not much of an artist. I wonder if doodling would help? May try that, too. πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by and joining my WW linky party!

    • David Leonhardt says

      Artistic talent not required. Just imagination and, more importantly, the ability to let go and see what your pen gives you.

  3. Very clever. This already got my creative juices flowing!

  4. Makes a lot of sense to me πŸ™‚

  5. this is so true….sometimes pictures say a good story which words cant explain

  6. I like that thought, happy WW!

  7. Well, that sure does get rid of writer’s block doesn’t it, but sounds like a fun idea.

  8. I use drawing, photography, hometending, time with my kids, television, music, dreaming, hot showers, other projects…

    But the first thing is that I never ever call it writer’s block. I look at it instead as a tangle in the weaving of a story, and I step back, do other things, and let my mind play with it in the background.

    Works every time! =)

    • David Leonhardt says

      Sometimes, stepping back is the best thing you can do – if the momentum of writing has already been broken, right?

  9. I always find looking at stock images helps too. I know some authors will use a pinterest board for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  10. YES!…A quick fix for writers who can’t think of anything else to put in their paper. I always get caught up with this difficulty almost every time, I guess every writer do experience it a lot. What i do when i get to this point is leave it for a day and then get back with fresh ideas. It works effectively for me, i don’t about you guys…but this is absolutely great tip here. Thanks for posting this David.

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