Black Eye Monday: Batman and Superman “Reuse to Vacate” Captain America

Proofread.  Proofread. Proofread.  Kristin Johnson doesn’t want to know what “Reuse to Vacate” might mean.

The above headline might sound like a sentence from a particularly awful superhero comic book fanfiction crossover. If the good people at had used said sentence, we would have suspected they actually read awful comic book fanfiction crossovers.

As it is, their email marketing arm needs extra proofreading. We like MovieWeb. We read MovieWeb. Because we like MovieWeb, we’re doling out a bit of tough love. Here is how the current newsletter looked in our inbox.

Reuses to vacate

The article headline on is phrased perfectly:“‘Batman vs. Superman’ Refuses to Move From ‘Captain America 3’ Release Date.”.

So all that is needed here to please the fanboys, dear MovieWeb, is to have your Web team coordinate with your email marketing team.

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