New scholarship for first year writing students in 2022

March 25, 2022   Tags: 🕑 2 minutes read

We are offering a new US$500 scholarship to American and Canadian high school seniors this year. Any first-year post-secondary writing-related program qualifies.

Let your young writer friends know: if they’ve applied for a first year writing-related program, they can now apply for the THGM MUSE Scholarship. The deadline is May 30.

The scholarship awards US$500 (or C$630 if they are studying in Canada) to one high school senior. They must be enrolled in (or have applied for) a writing-related program at the post-secondary level. Examples of eligible programs are:

  • Any program with the word “writing” in the title
  • English literature
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Theatre and film (where screenplay writing or play writing is part of the first year curriculum)
  • Publishing
  • Public relations

For ideas, check our list of top careers for writers.

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Write a short story

We ask candidates to write a 400-600 word short story about a character in the program they are enrolled in. This helps students ready their mindset for their studies. It also gives them a common theme on which to focus their story. They can write in prose or in script.

We also ask them to tell us a little something about themselves.

Why the name “MUSE”? We are in the business of finding the right words for our clients. Now, we are helping novice writers find their own right words, by giving them the chance to pursue studies in writing-related fields. We’ll be their muse.

There are very few scholarships just for writing, so this should make a difference. We love offering innovative tools to support the writing community. This is nothing new for us, having created free case studies, worksheets and other tools for writers.

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