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Another client of THGM Writing Services publishes her book. Simone B and the Magical Mirror by Dr. Denita S. Bottoms is a motivational self-help book for primary school-age girls.

Have you ever been bullied? Has your self-esteem ever been challenged? Stories are a wonderful way for children to process the events around them and learn how to cope.

Simone B and the Magical Mirror is that kind of story. Simone is an 8 year old African-American girl who has to face the school bully. It’s every kid’s worst nightmare.

Dr. Denita BottomsAuthor Dr. Denita Bottoms has seen it all as a school counselor since 2007. She is also a part-time instructor at both Regent University and Tidewater Community College in Virginia, helping teachers learn how to help their students.

“Every child is a whole child. My educational philosophy is that their education should keep them whole, so that they become logical and reasoning problem solvers. If we can give them that, they will thrive, their communities will thrive and the nation will thrive.”


Cover - Simone B and the Magical MirrorSimone takes Dr. Bottoms’ approach full circle, back to the children who face challenges in their daily lives.

Here’s the official teaser summary for the book:

We can all make a difference and stand up for ourselves and friends! This magical book is perfect for all imperfect little girls everywhere. Simone B is a smart, talented, confident young girl whose self-esteem is put to the test when starting a new school. After making three new friends her first week of school, she meets the school bully, Xander. Although Simone B stands up to Xander, she quickly begins to doubt her inner and outer beauty. After speaking to her mom, dad, and brother, will Simone B find the courage to put the school bully in his place and discover her true worth?


Illustrated by Trevor Lucas and edited by THGM Writers’ own Kristin Johnson, this is just the story that a child you know might need.

You can pick up your copy of Simone B and the Magical Mirror at or at

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