Six ways to get the most from your ghostwriter

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You want to hire a ghostwriter.  You want to get the most out of her.  How can you make yourself that ideal client that gets the best from his ghostwriter?

When you hire a ghostwriter, you are hiring an extension of yourself.  No matter how good a ghostwriter might be, the final product will be a reflection of you and how you feed your ghostwriter.  The “perfect” ghostwriting client feeds the ghostwriter exactly what she needs to deliver exactly what you want.

This is your guide to feeding your ghostwriter, so that you get exactly what you want.

Be Exact.  Be clear.

Want to get exactly what you want?  Tell the ghostwriter exactly what you want.  Our talented ghostwriters can give you exactly what you want.  They can write in any tone you wish.  The can deliver detailed descriptions, involved dialogues, spine-tingling suspense and steamy romance.  Whatever you want, they can deliver.

The key is for you to tell them exactly what you want.  Then that is exactly what you will get.

If you give fuzzy or unclear instructions, you will get what you want, but probably not exactly.  I know this is sometimes tough.  Very often clients come to us unsure of exactly what they want.  In fact, what they want sometimes is to have the ghostwriter clarify what they want.  Once they see the first chapter written out, they say one of three things:

  • “Bingo!  That’s what I want.”  And we are on our way.
  • “No, not quite.  Here’s what needs to change.”  And we are on our way, we can tweak that first chapter a couple times until we get it just the way you want, and then…the rest of the manuscript is generally on-track.
  • “No, it doesn’t sound right.  Try again.”  Try again?  That is not very specific instructions.  If you find that your ghostwriter has not captured what you want in the first chapter, you have to be specific about the changes needed.  Sending the ghostwriter back for multiple hit-and-miss attempts will only ensure that whatever comes out of the process is NOT what you want.

Be exact.  Be clear.  Not just in your instructions to your ghostwriter, but before you even contact a ghostwriter, be very clear in your own mind as to exactly what you want.


How to get the most from a ghostwriter

Be organized.

Right from the start, your level of organization determines much of how your manuscript will turn out.  If all your information is organized in an easy to access manner, such as chronologically or by character or by location,your ghostwriter won’t have to keep stopping the flow of writing to find some important detail she needs to include.

Anything that breaks the flow of writing puts the quality of your manuscript in jeopardy.  Anything that helps keep your writer writing boosts the quality of your manuscript.

Be responsive.

Our ghostwriters seek feedback after each chapter, and often they’ll shoot you an email or a Skype message mid-chapter to clarify something or to suggest something.  It is very important to answer as soon as possible, so that she can keep writing without interrupting the flow of the writing.

The more the process of writing is interrupted, the more likely the flow will seem disjointed to the reader.  Yes, even the best, most professional ghostwriter will deliver a stronger, tighter, better-flowing manuscript if you keep feeding her your input and answers quickly, so that her flow of writing is not interrupted.

When a client responds swiftly, our writers remain motivated and deliver exceptional manuscripts.  I should know, I hear from them when a client is highly responsive, as I do when a client is not.

Send chocolate.

Kristin asked me to include that.  If she’s your ghostwriter, that’s just a tip.

Be professional.

A ghostwriter is a professional.  As with any professional, your are hiring both her time and her expertise.  If you change your mind about your manuscript, if you decide to add something in or make changes several chapters back, or if you decide you want anything done that means extra work, please be prepared to pay for that extra work.  If the ghostwriter has to put in an extra three days to work in a new angle or make changes that were not revealed at the outset, that’s a lot of time she should be paid for.

As a professional, it is important to maintain a professional and respectful relationship with her.  She will become intimately acquainted with your story as she writes it.  But she does not have to know about all that is happening in your personal life, and she does not want to share her private life with her clients.  A professional relationship helps her concentrate on your manuscript rather than on trying to manage the relationship.  The more she can focus on the manuscript, the better it will meet your expectations.

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Be a joy to work with.

This goes for anybody in any workplace or in any business environment.  If you want to get the best out of employees, clients, subcontractors, bosses or co-workers, be a joy to work with.  Yes, there are times to deliver bad news or to say that something just won’t work.  But those times, handled respectfully and pragmatically should not deter from your overall bright demeanor.  Yes, so many doors open up to those who make people feel good about working with them, and your ghostwriter is no different.  She is human.  Be a joy to work with, and you’ll get the most out of your ghostwriter.

By the way, our ghostwriters are all a joy to work with.  That’s because – wait for it – I like to work with people who are a joy to work with.

If you want your ghostwriter to produce her very best work, give her what she needs.  We have top-notch ghostwriters who will deliver you a superb manuscript.  But they can deliver only what you ask for based on the information you provide.  The quality of your manuscript is in your hands.

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