Should you join the #MBUstorm blogging challenge?

Would you start writing a new blog if you had help? Or if you had a competitive incentive? Welcome to the MBUstorm blogging challenge.

Have you ever wanted to start a blog from scratch and grow it into a business? It’s the perfect DIY career move for any writer, but blogging is about more than just writing. So help is on its way! [Read more…]

How to write a great blog post: 99 best blog writing tips

There is much more to running a blog than writing. But writing alone is enough to warrant 99 tips. Follow these best blog writing tips for a world-class blog.

Bloggers wears many hats.  They are artists, creating images.  They are community managers, keeping readers engaged.  They are programmers, keeping the blog functioning.  They are marketers, promoting the blog as a whole and each new post as it publishes.

But above all, blogger are writers.  The Internet is overflowing with blogging tips.  Today, we sift through the noise, mix a few metaphors (because we can!) and focus on the essential oils – the writing! So, for a good blog – no, for a great blog – read on. [Read more…]

How long should a blog post be?

Bloggers want to know: how long should my blog posts be? Sorry, but there simply is no right answer to that question.

Two things happened yesterday.

First, I published a short post for the Chamber of Commerce on how business writing should be short. Here is an excerpt from my article:

That’s how your business writing should be: concise and to the point. Sure, make it chatting and personable, if you like. Business writing doesn’t have to sound formal. But there is no need to throw in a whole lot of extra words. Offer less, but they get more. Not more words, but more value – like the 100-calorie Kit Kat bars.

[Read more…]

How to hire writers without paying a penny

There are good reasons to have somebody else write your blog posts for you. The “free” ways actually have benefits you won’t get by just paying a writer.

Many people write their own blogs.  But sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes they get other people to write some of their posts.  And sometimes they pay the writer to do that…but sometimes they don’t.

In fact, there are three ways to get other people to write your blog posts for you without paying a penny. [Read more…]

The ethics of using anonymous sources

Should you quote anonymous sources? Miranda Marquit explains how the pros handle this thorny question.

As a professionally trained journalist, I’ve learned that if you want to establish yourself as a writer with credibility, whether you are writing for a newspaper, a magazine, a book, or a blog, it helps to observe journalistic standards. And, if you want people to take your writing seriously as a piece of credible information, it helps to be careful when you use unnamed sources. [Read more…]