Write for your audience (5 sneaky hiring ads)

When you really need talent, you can find a creative way to write for your audience. Here are five superb examples of uber-targeted communications.

A friend of mine implored me to fire up The Guardian on my laptop a few days ago, so that I could see a hiring ad.

“Where?” I asked.

“Go there,” he said, pointing to “UK news”.

Puzzled, I clicked on “UK News”. [Read more…]

When can you call yourself a writer?

Are you a writer or are you an aspiring writer?  How do you define yourself? This is the controversial question we tackle today.

If you are looking for a heated topic among writers, just ask this question: “At what point do you start calling yourself a writer?” That’s the question Robyn Petrik blogged about, then put to the Writing Resources Community.

The first response caught me totally off guard; Chris Smith responded: [Read more…]