How to hire writers without paying a penny

There are good reasons to have somebody else write your blog posts for you. The “free” ways actually have benefits you won’t get by just paying a writer.

Many people write their own blogs.  But sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes they get other people to write some of their posts.  And sometimes they pay the writer to do that…but sometimes they don’t.

In fact, there are three ways to get other people to write your blog posts for you without paying a penny. [Read more…]

Being Uncertain Means You’re Alive

Client-ghostwriter collaboration is like courtship. It always starts off with uncertainty, then subsides when you slide into that rhythm of collaboration.

In listening to The Moth Podcast, I came across this quote:

“Being Uncertain Means You’re Alive”.

Because my fingers are super-glued to Google, I googled “uncertainty in a writing career” because I felt a blog post cooking. Surprise: I found a blog post from Just Write Dammit addressing this topic. More on that in just a moment. I know…there’s nothing like a dash of suspense to liven up a post about uncertainty–which, coincidentally, is often part of a writer’s job description, especially if you write fiction. [Read more…]

Book marketing lesson – authors you might also like

The Ottawa Public Library and provide two important lessons, one for marketing writers and one for independent authors. “If you like this book…”

Can you believe it was at the public library that I got my inspiration for this blog post about marketing? There was a rack with bookmarks specific to certain authors. But the “content” of the bookmarks was not about those authors; it was about similar authors. For instance…

“If you like Tom Clancy, why not try reading books by the following authors?”

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