Should you join the #MBUstorm blogging challenge?

Would you start writing a new blog if you had help? Or if you had a competitive incentive? Welcome to the MBUstorm blogging challenge.

Have you ever wanted to start a blog from scratch and grow it into a business? It’s the perfect DIY career move for any writer, but blogging is about more than just writing. So help is on its way! [Read more…]

Oh, Brother! Now @BizSugar makes it easy to promote your book or business

Now that you’ve written your promotional materials, how do you get them designed and printed? This is the challenge small businesses and authors share in common. Here is a free solution.

Not long ago, I wrote about the power of bookmarks to help market your book, and how the same principle can be applied to almost any small business. Now Brother has created a ton of free templates to make it easy-peasy to create flyers, posters, calendars, business cards and other standard promotional materials. [Read more…]