My favorite online research tools for writers

Here’s how I researched material for a book I was ghostwriting. You might like these tools, too.

You can’t find everything on the Internet…yet.  But you sure can find a lot.  I’ve been working on a true story, a non-fiction novel about a business being sabotaged.  You know what I’m talking about – the players involved, the conspiracy, the heartbreaks and all that goes into a real-life story of intrigue and drama.

If you own a business, so much of this can happen to you, too. But it probably won’t.

Because this is a true story, I had better get my facts right. Here are some of the online research tools I used to write this novel accurately. [Read more…]

Glossary of writing terms and definitions (Updated for 2022!)

Befudddled by the terms that writers and publishers use? Here is a glossary of writing terms and definitions to help you navigate the lingo.

There are many terms used in writing. As with any activity, a novice to this world could be easily confused.  Here is a selection of writing terms and definitions that you are bound to run into sooner or later. I will try to leave out words specifically related to word usage, such as compound sentence, synonym and pronoun, as well as words related to poetry. There are so very many of those, and this writing glossary is already long enough without them.

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