How to write a great blog post: 99 best blog writing tips

There is much more to running a blog than writing. But writing alone is enough to warrant 99 tips. Follow these best blog writing tips for a world-class blog.

Bloggers wears many hats.  They are artists, creating images.  They are community managers, keeping readers engaged.  They are programmers, keeping the blog functioning.  They are marketers, promoting the blog as a whole and each new post as it publishes.

But above all, blogger are writers.  The Internet is overflowing with blogging tips.  Today, we sift through the noise, mix a few metaphors (because we can!) and focus on the essential oils – the writing! So, for a good blog – no, for a great blog – read on. [Read more…]

Four writers spill the beans on the habits that make them awesome

It takes more than spelling and grammar to be an effective writer, as these four respected writers explain.

Not all jobs are alike, and writing comes with its own set of challenges and benefits.  As in any profession, writers develop habits to make their work more productive, more effective, less prone to errors and more satisfying.

Today I present the input of four writers I know who are NOT affiliated with THGM Writing Services, but are nevertheless well-respected writers who serve their clients well. They will share with us the habits they use to make themselves superior writers and more productive with their time.  Please feel free to address any of them individually in the comments.  I have also included their Twitter handles, so that you can follow them there if you wish. [Read more…]