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Canadian author Matt Chatelain’s video trailer for The Vostok Juncture promises adventure and intrigue.

We help authors from around the world put their ideas into words. So why are we so excited about a book we did not help write? Because the author is not from around the world, but very close to home (Brockville, Ontario), and we did help him produce his video trailer. Matt Chatelain wrote the adventure thriller The Vostok Juncture, which he calls “an all-action bobsled-run of a story”, and here is the video trailer we put together…


The Vostok JunctureWhen Arthur Sinclair, chairman of the near-bankrupt AmCorp, accelerates the schedule to explore Lake Vostok, buried two miles beneath Antartica’s icy landscape, his desperate search for gold sets in motion a deadly plan to kill everyone at the station and bring down AmCorp. Dealing with sabotage and murder, the station scientists must go to extremes to survive. Things go very wrong.

Born in Ottawa, now the owner of a used bookstore in Brockville, Matt Chatelain is author of five books, mostly fiction. He is a handyman who fixes computers and is fascinated by quantum physics … in other words, a natural-born author. He also confides that he plays host to a high-stakes literary battle:

“I always wage an internal war to decide if my next story is going to be a mild mystery or a big stake epic. So far the big stakes are winning”

Please visit his website at:

What’s really under Lake Vostok?  We still don’t know.  Here are a couple good articles on the topic from Voice of Russia and Nature.

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