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We are happy to hear from you and you can reach us easily enough. The very BEST way to reach us is by using the form on this page.

If you prefer to send us a letter by postal service, pony express or carrier pigeon, we are at:

The Happy Guy
3854 County Road 7
Chesterville, Ontario
K0C 1H0

We are particularly receptive when we receive a package that feels like it could be a bar of gold.

About The Happy Guy Marketing

The Happy Guy Marketing is a “freelance writers agency”. What that means is that all the writers on our team are freelancers, working independently. But they ARE part of our team – carefully selected and vetted, and proven over time to be trustworthy, effective and ethical. Our criteria of who is on our team is threefold:

  • They are all superb writers – masters of the English language, creative thinkers, effective communicators. Many writers on the Internet just don’t cut it.
  • They are all time-tested to be reliable, trustworthy and ethical. We have come across too many writers who try to extort more money from clients part-way through a project, and we don’t stand for that kind of monkey business.
  • Most importantly, our writers know how to treat the customer with respect and honor – to truly provide service.

The owners are Chantal Leonhardt and David Leonhardt, and they have been doing this since 2002. Sometimes Chantal takes on French translation projects herself and sometimes David takes on writing projects himself, as well.

You can see some of the others on our team in the banner above, although several of our writers prefer not to have their faces show up on the Internet – and we respect that as much as we respect your privacy and confidentiality when you need it.

As you might have noticed, we are based in Canada, although most of our writers come from all over the place. We have serviced clients on every continent except Antarctica (still working on that one!).

We accept payment via PayPal, and we accept checks and money orders in US and Canadian currency. All prices on this site are in US dollars. We will provide quotes in Canadian dollars upon request.

The famous “contact us” poem:

If you want to contact us today
You’ll find it easy to have your say
Fill the form to the right
And before the next night
A response will be soon on its way

(Yes, we can help you with your poetry, too.)

You can also find THGM Writing Services on DesignRush


  1. How do I contact The Happy Guy Marketing (THGM)? (ANSWER: By phone, post or the email the form on this page.
  2. How do I find a ghostwriter? (ANSWER: Just ask us. We have several superb ghostwriters eager to help you find just the right words. Please fill in the form on this page.)
  3. Who do I contact for translation? (ANSWER: We offer translation in French, Spanish, German and other languages. Chantal or David will be happy to arrange this for you if you provide as much detail as possible in the form on this page.)
  4. Who do I contact for hiring a writer? (ANSWER: Just fill in the form on this page with as much detail as possible. We will take it from there.)
  5. How can a journalist contact The Happy Guy Marketing (THGM)? (ANSWER: By phone, post or the form on this page. We are easy to reach and eager to help you with your story. After all, we are writers, too.)