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5 tips from Alexander Hamilton, America's greatest ghostwriter

Top 5 writing challenges

Top 5 reasons people hire ghostwriters

Make every picture tell a story

How to visually design your writing

Lies the English language told me

How to write task-oriented content

How to write stories for the Web

How to write sales copy

You might be a writer

Create sympathetic characters and put them in jeopardy.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. – Chinese Proverb

You are a storyteller

As soon as we are privy to the feelings or thoughts or perceptions of a character, point of view shifts to that character.

Crazed eraser

Eye strain for writers

Ernest Hemingway Quote

3 ways to get free writing for your blog

Get organized

Hunting scenes were common in cave art

What a man thinks, what a woman thinks

How to save on ghostwriting

4-step formula for a fiction back cover blurb

4 items for a non-fiction back cover blurb

10 reasons to start blogging

What it's like to be a ghostwriter

Pros and cons of eBooks

Infographic - readability recommendations in Canada, the United States and Great Britain

Infographic - 14 useless words

5 principles of dialogue


If you see mirrors as visual autobiographies, you might be a writer.

If you scan the political news because you are developing a villain for your story, you might be a writer.

If you fear book burnings more even than the Zombie Apocalypse, you might be a writer.

Pen or cellphone Semi-colon protest Menu plot Editing groceries

If your trash can fills up quickly with crumpled paper, you might be a writer.

If you've ever tried to turn a Spanish-English dictionary into a foreign film screenplay, you might be a writer.

Baby, you might be a writer

Gutenberg - you might be a writer

IKEA - you might be a writer

Getting paid to write makes a person an entrepreneur.

Ingredients for a compelling story

Do you have an interesting story?

K.I.S.S. your readers


People will judge your book by its cover

book cover quote

What should an author website include?

Why self-publish?

Sesquipedalian words

Best man speech

Avoid hyperbole; it will blow your text to bits.Mixed metaphors suck the life out of a refreshing breeze.Keep exclamation marks to a minimum! Please!


Writers make the Old West come alive

Writers make history come alive



Seven people who profit from writing a bookPictures can write stories, too.


Ugly Plagiarism