The Annual THGM MUSE Scholarship for first year writing students – 2023

More than the proverbial penny for your thoughts, we award this annual scholarship to an eligible first-year student in the United States or Canada. Stay tune for 2023 details

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Congratulations to 2022 winner and journalism student Caleb Thomas. Read his story “Truth”.

Since 2006, THGM Writing Services has helped clients find the right words to tell their stories and deliver their messages. Now, we want to help young writers pursue their writing-related education goals.

A muse is an artist’s personified source of inspiration. A writer’s muse inspires the writer to develop fresh ideas and find the right words to express them. We want to be your muse.

Details on the annual THGM MUSE Scholarship for writing students

The THGM MUSE Scholarship will help a first year student focus a little more on their studies and their craft and a little less on paying for breakfast. Our MUSE Scholarship will help you develop fresh ideas and find the right words to express them.

The award

For 2022, there was a single award of US$500. If the place of study is in Canada, the award would have been C$630. Stay tune for updated awards for 2023.

2023 timeline


This scholarship is open to all who qualify:

  • Must be a citizen or resident of the United States or Canada
  • Must be currently studying at the secondary level
  • Must be planning to study in a writing-related program. The program must be:
    • Full-time studies
    • At the first-year level
    • At a recognized post-secondary institution
    • With instruction at least 50% in English

Examples of writing-related programs include:

  • Any program with the word “writing” in the title, such as “Creative Writing”
  • English literature
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Theatre and film (where screenplay writing or play writing is part of the first year curriculum)
  • Publishing
  • Public relations

This is not an exhaustive list. There might be other programs we are not aware of. With 4,418 post-secondary institutions in North America, we won’t even try to track all the programs that might be related to writing.

Application process

  • Please write a short story with the following characteristics:
    • Between 400 and 600 words – so be highly efficient with your words
    • Written in English
    • Include a character who is a student in the program you will be in
    • Original – don’t recycle something previously written
    • Written by you and you alone, without help of anybody else
    • Prose and script are allowed. We are not able to evaluate poetry fairly.
    • We are looking for creative ideas. Move us to tears. Make us jump from our seats. Make us laugh. Surprise us. Impress us.
  • You will be asked to provide proof of your current secondary study.
  • You will be asked to provide proof of your post-secondary enrollment (if you are not yet officially enrolled, you can provide that later).
  • You will be asked to submit two-three sentences about yourself. Tell us who you are, what makes you special as a person and as a writer, and what your career aspirations are.
  • You retain copyright of your submitted work.
  • You grant THGM Writing Services (The Happy Guy Marketing Inc.) non-exclusive and unrestricted publishing rights on THGM web properties and/or elsewhere. Credit will be given to the name on the application and/or the name on the submitted work. This right is not dependent on whether you are awarded a scholarship. For instance, one scholarship will be awarded, and we might choose to publish the top 10 submissions on our blog.
  • Selection of the recipient is at the sole discretion of THGM Writing Services.
  • You grant THGM Writing Services the right to use your name and likeness to promote the MUSE Scholarship and/or in connection with publishing your submitted work.
  • You might be contacted by THGM Writing Services related to this scholarship or to publishing your work. We will not use your contact information for any other reason, nor will we ever share your contact information with any third party. Never.

Apply now

No, there is no fee. Don’t ever, ever pay a fee to apply for a scholarship.

Applications for 2023 will open in January.

Previous winners

These are the MUSE Scholarship winners over the years.

2022 MUSE Scholarship winner Caleb Thomas

First year Troy University journalism student Caleb Thomas hails from Port St. Lucie, Florida. He shared a story called “Truth”, which targeted the allure of fake news. Read his story here.

Caleb Thomas quote