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Over the years, we have helped scores of people put their thoughts, ideas, experiences and reputations into words. And we can help you today, too. Here are some of the unsolicited comments or “reviews” our clients have sent us about our writing services (some have asked to keep their full names private)…

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Thanks from Debbie

THANK YOU DAVID !!! Exactly how I wanted it to flow…. And yes, I will change a few little words here and there, only to personalize it a little more! Thank you very much for your services…. 2nd to None! I Will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for SEO and other related services.

Thank you so much; you are amazing…I have read some of the later chapters and am amazed. It’s great. That will give them something to talk about. There is a lot from to study there and I must get the facts right before I claim it as my book. But over the few weeks, I shall do so. It’s very late now and I can’t read anymore as I am tired and overwhelmed. You are great. Thanks again. Will be in touch once I have read the whole thing again and probably with some changes. Those last few chapters are red hot.

Hey Kristen, What more can I say…You hit it on the nose of what I was thinking. Thank you. And the 36 pages…All I can say is you write what I am thinking and I’m still blown away. I’m so glad I went with you and THGM. Thank you for fulfilling my vision on my screenplay. You see what I want to be seen to others. Thanks.

Dear Debra: The article is excellent as edited. I can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you did. The article flows like a symphony.

Oh wow, I am crying. It is beautiful. And I am not just saying that because it is my book and all. It flows smoothly. I am pleased. I am confident I will land a contract with that. Now I feel confident. I didn’t feel that confidence before with my manuscript. Being a writer, I know that my manuscript didn’t have the smoothness I was aiming for. Thanks so much.

Well I have to thank you again and the speech was fantastic. As you can imagine the flow was great and must admit I did a pretty good job delivering our speech. I had it pretty well memorized so it did enable me to add in little events which made the audience chuckle. Both Kuno and his fiancée were very delighted and touched by the words.

I’m very happy that I decided to go with a “writer” service and very happy that you wrote the words.

Thank you again and should I need writing expertise in the future you can be assured I will be calling upon your services.

David I really like this and my writing style was not lost with your editing and assistance. It still reads like I wrote the story.

I opened your edited file today. Although I have not had the strength to make the changes, they are PERFECT. You have done exactly what I had hoped you would do – you made my story better. I am eager to incorporate your suggestions and send it to my publisher. Thanks so much!

Thank you so much for your work. You rally put a soul into this letter. All my friends who I showed the text to were very impressed and asked about you. I’ll keep recommending your business to all interested people. The website was promised to be ready in about three weeks. I will definitely inform you about this. Please, let me know if you need my rating or positive comments and were I can leave them.I will be more than happy to do it.

I REALLY like how you write!!!

The articles are to easy and interesting to read. Thank you very much!

Just a quick note to once again loudly sing Kristin’s praises. You could have searched far and wide but never have chosen a better person for this project. I can state this having worked with several editorial consultants, including two others on the screen adaptation of this book. I’ve found there is a wide disparity of talent, insight and dedication in this field. Thank goodness I’ve found the best.

This is great, David. I love the narrative and how you tied everything together. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

I will recommend your editing company if ever needed. It’s a first for me knowing a bit about editing, there is a lot of work that goes into it. Words can change a person’s life, they can be very powerful. Debra made my story easier to read and she has always responded to any question or concern I had.

Everything looks great. Thank you for your time and dedication!

I love the structure and flow now, I definitely feel more confident and I like your transitions! Thank you!! The toast is perfect too. I’m so excited now.

I read the query letter and balled like a baby; you did such a great job of capturing the story and my feelings towards the intended audience. The edits (for the chapters) are refreshing. I notice the improvements with the transitions of thoughts and scenes.

Earlier this year, your company (translator – Javier Mendonça) translated into Spanish our submission to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity on the Nagoya Protocol. The Spanish translation was well received by the Spanish speaking ambassadors, technicians, and Indigenous Peoples, especially of Latin American countries, attending the first Intergovernmental Committee on the implementation of the Protocol. In fact, some are using our submission as source material for education within their own countries.

The article was just amazing 🙂 probably the very best guest post that I have received.

The book, ‘The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter,’ is at the publishers. Outskirts Press reviewer wrote that the story was unique and well crafted. He continued, ‘A Fun Read.’ I can’t write enough praises for Kristin Johnson, her being and writing skills. I would make a suggestion and she would put it into words, what I in visioned. Thank you, for your help in making my dream come true. I’m sure that I will be using your services in the future.

My website has really started to grow over the past few weeks, mostly due to the press release you and Corey wrote.

We would like to say we think you did a wonderful job editing our new website. The content flows really well and reads a lot smoother and sounds more professional now.

Debra is exactly the person/editor/lady I was looking for. She is not re-writing my book, she’s making it better. I took 98%+ of her suggestions on my first fifty pages. I am very pleased and inspired. I LOVE WHAT SHE IS DOING WITH ALABAMA BLUE.

David – what a brilliant storyteller you are! I catch myself skimming many articles, but your article here really grabbed me to read all the way through (another skill that almost seems to be lost with the pioneers). It would be helpful if marketers 1) read your article to really “get” what you are suggesting; and 2) understand the value of good old-fashioned quality writing (and storytelling). Great job!

I am very very happy with the outcome! Debra was fabulous to work with and an amazing person! I highly recommend her for future projects. She will definitely be my choice again.

I am really pleased with how this speech is going and have been reviewing it with my brother. There are some very small changes I am going to make and then I will send it back to you for a final review. I’m very pleased with many of the subtle jokes you made.

I feel right now as if my book is already published and you have written the first–and best–review it could have… All I can say is, thank you! for your professional editing and your wonderful words… Again, I couldn’t be more pleased with your work, and your reaction to the novel itself has given me a great deal of inspiration to continue on to publication.

Just re-read what you send. LOVE IT. One of my issues in finishing the book, besides the poem, has been deciding which photos to use (I’ve gathered too many). As I read the poem, I can visualize which photos I would want to use.

This sounds awesome! I really like the improvements you have made. I’m going to practice reading it a few times and see if anything needs to be tweaked.

Really nice work David! … Thanks for this, the article looks great!

Awesome! Thanks for the rewrite, its perfect.

Thank you for the press release!
It looks good.

Thank you so much for this fantastic work. I’m extremely impressed , not only by the top-notch quality of the writing and managing to adapt to the “voice” of the other stories but also your ability to have completed this project in such short time. I love the way you’ve managed to amend and convert these stories to such fascinating and page-turner book. Thanks also for the outstanding query letter and synopsis.

I was very pleased with the quality and speed of the writing you did. Many thanks, Diane

five stars

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