Looking for writing help?

If you landed here, you are probably looking for writing help from a freelance writer or a ghostwriter. We have a dedicated team of talented, friendly and professional writers and ghostwriters. They take the time to understand not just your message and help you writ it, but how you want your audience to react to it.

Because each writer is a freelancer, they can give you their undivided attention. They are flexible with their schedules and they can provide you with personalized, custom writing service.

Because you hire a freelance writer through THGM, you are secure in the knowledge that they have been screened:

  • A THGM freelance writer is a superbly skilled writer.
  • A THGM freelance writer has proven to be trustworthy and ethical.
  • A THGM freelance writer treats you with respect and service – we make sure of it!

Please complete the form on this page, and let us know how we can help you. Or click on any of the links below to visit a more specific page about one of our writing services.

Look what writing services people seek most frequently:

Top writing requests

Book writing services

Any type of book. This is where to go if you need help writing a book that does not fit easily into any of the categories below.

Fiction books. This is where to go if you have a story in your head, fantasy or science fiction, romance or adventure, historical fiction or any other story.

Science fiction books. Science fiction has grown immensely popular over the past few decades. We can help you express the future just as you imagine it.

Fantasy novels. Some of our writers have a particular interest in fantasy. Let us know a little about the amazing world you want created, and we’ll help it come alive.

Mystery novels. Everybody loves a good mystery. You love to dream one up; we love to write it.

Memoirs and Biography books. This is where to go if you need help writing a personal story or a memoir, whether it be an autobiography, a biography of a family member or a book about the life of someone you admire.

Reputation books. This is where to go if you are looking for help to write a book about you and your business, a book to use as a “business card on steroids” and impress prospective clients. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, consultants, renovators and other solopreneurs and professionals should go straight here.

Real estate marketing books. If you are a real estate agent, this is where to go to boost your reputation and authority in the community and with the media.

Business and finance books. This is where to go if you need help writing a business or finance book that is not primarily a marketing tool, but more focused on a financial or business topic. We have a superb record writing quality books on finance, and even fiction based on high finance.

Self-help books. This is where to go if want help writing book is about personal development, relationships, health and fitness or any other self-help or advice topic.

Christian books. This is where to go if you want to write a spiritual book to write about your experiences or views on Christianity. We have a few writers who specifically love to write Christian books, and this is a very strong area for us.

Children’s books. This is where to go if you want to write a book for the under-20 set. Give careful thought to the age range you are aiming for, as reading capability and attention span vary greatly by age.

Book editors. If you have already written your manuscript and you need it polished before going to print, this is where to go.

Blog writing services

Blog posts. We have written and promoted blogs on all topics. We are particularly strong in the field of personal finance, from frugality to credit cards, from mortgages to insurance. We have also written about business and health and the environment and recreation and entertainment and renovations and … well, the list goes on for a while. Whatever writing help you are looking for, we can do it.

Speechwriting services

Various speeches. This is where to go if you need help writing a speech, other than a wedding speech. We have written corporate speeches, award recipient speeches, graduation and commencement speeches, political speeches and more.
Wedding speeches. There are so many possible wedding speeches – and we write them all!
Best man speeches. We love writing best man speeches. Let us help you shine with the bride and groom.
Maid of honor speeches. We love writing maid of honor and matron of speeches, too.
Gay wedding speeches. We welcome all LGBTQ wedding speeches, whether they are for gay, transgender, non-binary or mixed couple ceremonies.

Other writing services

Song lyrics. Writing lyrics is a special skill. We can write lyrics for almost every genre. Go ahead – challenge us!

Screenplays and film scripts. Not every fiction writer can prepare a screenplay or movie script. We have writers that specialize in this.

Plain language editing and writing help. We clear things up rather than dumb it down. Plain language is easier to read, so that you message gets through. The focus is always on clarity, and most of all, always on the reader.

Press releases. This is not the most complex task, but there is a format to follow and it is worth getting it right. We have experience writing press releases correctly.

Article and content writing services. You might need an article for online or offline publication. Our freelance writers have written hundreds of these.

Academic articles. By “academic” we do NOT mean your homework. We do have writers very capable of writing for scholarly journals, if that is what you need.

Business materials. This is where to go for sales letters and brochures, or any other business document you need written.

Report writing services. This is where to go if you need a writer to help with an annual report, a position paper, a case study, a white paper or a consultant’s report.

Humor. We’ve written humor, so we can help you, too.

Poetry. We’ve done poetry; we can do it for you, too.

Website content. Your website has been designed and programmed? Now you are looking for writing help. We can do it! (And we can handle the design and programming, too, if you are still looking for that.).

Various translations. Although we specialize in French and Spanish translation, we have an extended team capable of translating into other languages, such as German, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic.

Whatever custom writing help you are looking for, we can do it for you. If the most important aspect is privacy, please see our ghostwriting servics page.  And when our ghostwriters are finished their work, check out the self-publishing and book promotion services we offer.


  1. I am looking for ghostwriter services. Whom should I contact? (ANSWER: Us! We have plenty of ghostwriters capable of writing almost anything you wish. Just fill in the form on this page, and provide us with as much detail as possible about your project.)
  2. I need help writing a book. Where can I get some assistance? (ANSWER: Books are our specialty. We write more books than anything else. We’ll be happy to set you up with a quality book writer.)
  3. Where can I find a business writer? (ANSWER: Many of our writers are exceptional at business projects, such as white papers, annual reports, website copy, press releases and more. Fill in the form on this page with as much detail as possible on the writing service you need, and we’ll get you started.)
  4. How to find a freelance writer for hire? (ANSWER: All our writers are freelancers. We have carefully chosen them both for their skill as writers and for how they pay attention to your specifications and needs.)
  5. How much does it cost to hire a writer? (ANSWER: The price depends on your project. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote, if you provide us many details as possible about your project and your expectations.)