“Author’s Boutique” –
book production
and promotion services

If you have chosen to self-publish your book, there are steps to take when the writing is done. We won’t leave you hanging. Here are the services we can help you with.


Each book sold in bookstores has an ISBN (book number) and a bar code to match. We suggest you get your own ISBN; it just works better that way. We can put you on the right path – just ask your THGM writer for direction.

Book cover art

Unless you have some very special demands, we can create your book cover art for you for $450. What we will need from you is:

  • The title and subtitle of the book.
  • The author’s name as you want it to appear.
  • Any photo you want on the front cover.
  • Any photo you want on the back cover.
  • All text for the back cover (blurb, testimonial, etc.). If one of our ghostwriters wrote your book, please ask him/her to write the blurb for you. We are always happy to throw that in for free.
  • The exact cover specifications your printer provided.
  • Your ISBN (book number), which we will convert into a bar code (only necessary if you plan to sell your book in stores).

Your cover will include only what you provide, so please make sure to provide everything you want when you complete the form.



A typical 200 page book should cost $1,300 – $1,500 to typeset. We will provide a firm price once we see a) your manuscript and b) the exact typesetting specifications your printer provided.

Promote your book

We are not a book promotion company, but there are some things we can happily help you with.

Book announcement press release

We can prepare an industry standard press release to announce your book for $200.


Promote on our blog

If The Happy Guy Writing Services wrote or edited your book, we will be happy to announce it at no cost to you on our blog, with promotion in social media, such as Twitter, and Pinterest – as long as you don’t mind being publicly associated with a writing service.

Sorry, this is available ONLY for our clients.

Create a professional book website (save $500!)

We can create a professional-quality website especially designed to display your book, including a synopsis, an excerpt (download free sample chapter, if you wish), reviews, author biography and an order form, as well as links to Amazon and other online stores, if you wish. You just have to buy a domain and arrange hosting (you can do both here) and send us the FTP login details.

  • The regular retail price is $2,000.
  • Our price for THGM book-writing clients is $1,500 (Save $500!)

Website options


Create a book trailer video

Want a trailer video to promote your book on your website and on YouTube and other video sharing websites? We can arrange one for $250.


Virtual book tour

We can arrange a virtual book tour for you, typically hopping from blog to blog over a period of two or more weeks, including sometimes interviews and podcasts.

Submit for book reviews

We can submit your book to book review websites and niche-specific bloggers to give it added exposure.


  1. How can I promote my book? (ANSWER: There are so many ways to promote your book. Some of them are listed on this page, and we are happy to help. Just fill in the form for the specific item, and we will get right back to you.)
  2. I am looking for a virtual book tour. (ANSWER: A virtual book tour is a great way to get some exposure for your book and get some early reviews. We can help. Just ask us for a free quote above.)
  3. I need cover art for my book. (ANSWER: We can arrange any cover art you like. If you just want a standard cover with no photo, with stock photography or with photos you provide, you can purchase above. If you want original artwork done for your cover, contact us through the form on this page.)
  4. Help me promote my book. (ANSWER: Certainly. Please choose from the options on this page and purchases the specific programs you wish.)
  5. How much does a book website cost? (ANSWER: The standard price is $1500, but there are discounts and add-ons listed above, and any additional customization would cost more.)