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The world of business thrives on communication. Every business needs its various messages delivered clearly and effectively to customers, the public, government, its own employees and its partners. Among the communications needs of business are:

  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Website copy
  • Press releases
  • Business plans
  • Annual reports
  • Business books
  • Internal reports
  • Marketing plans
  • Progress reports
  • The company blog
  • Marketing materials

Our business communications writers are experienced at providing the type of writing that business needs. To have a business writer contact you, please let us know what type of document you want written, what the topic is and who the audience is. Just fill in the form on this page.

Business writing: why it is so tricky and how we make it work

Business has to communicate very precisely most of the time, accurately describing a product, service or situation. There are often legal repercussions for erring, so precision is vital.

However, legal-sounding text puts people to sleep – not just the public, but even shareholders and business partners. A long-winded document will be glossed over by those people who most need to fully understand the contents.

Our writers are professionals who can adopt an official tone or a conversational tone, whichever is called for. Even within an official tone, they can bring clarity and brevity – and inspiration, when called for – to their writing, so that your readers will pay attention and understand. There is not much we can do about endless tables of numbers in an annual report, but there is a lot we can do about the words that describe those tables.

For business books, our ghostwriters can adapt their writing to match your tone, so that the words sound like they come from you – the manager, the entrepreneur, the leader!

Our business writing clients speak up

Our business writing clients have been pleased with the books, reports, press releases and website copy we have prepared for them. Here are a few of the good things they have to say. (Read more testimonials here.)

Nunu Beradze – vintner

Thank you so much for your work. You really put a soul into this letter. All my friends who I showed the text to were very impressed and asked about you. I’ll keep recommending your business to all interested people. The website was promised to be ready in about three weeks. I will definitely inform you about this. Please, let me know if you need my rating or positive comments and were I can leave them. I will be more than happy to do it.

Vassili – marketing manager

I REALLY like how you write!!!

The articles are to easy and interesting to read. Thank you very much!

Steve Rawlinson – eCommerce store owner

My website has really started to grow over the past few weeks, mostly due to the press release you and Corey wrote.

Alan, Karma Kisses Tea House

We would like to say we think you did a wonderful job editing our new website. The content flows really well and reads a lot smoother and sounds more professional now.

Ranae Barratt – eCommerce store owner

THANK YOU DAVID !!! Exactly how I wanted it to flow…. And yes, I will change a few little words here and there, only to personalize it a little more! Thank you very much for your services…. 2nd to None!

five stars

Why companies hire a ghostwriter service for business materials

There are many reasons companies hire a business writing service for everything from press releases to speeches, from case studies to blog posts. Here are some of the reasons our clients have hired us for their business writing.

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You hire a pro for their business writing expertise and skill.

Anybody can write. Well, almost anybody. Many people can even write well. But “well” can mean many things, and it shouldn’t mean that they can spell and use basic grammar. In business, you have a message to communicate. Writing well means making sure that the readers clearly understand your message.

A freelance writer does nothing but writing. That makes him an expert. You might be an expert in packaging, retail, logistics or hospitality. That’s what you do best. A business writer is an expert in writing. That’s what he does best.

When you hire a business writer, you are bringing that skill and expertise onto your team. That makes you as more effective communicator. And that helps your business gets the results you want it to.

You hire a business writer to save money.

You could bring on board full-time writers. Many large organizations do. If you have enough work to keep them busy – usefully busy, not just creating work to fill their time – then dedicated writing staff might be worthwhile.

Small businesses and individual departments might not have the need for a team of dedicated writerds on staff. Outsourcing to freelance business writers makes financial sense. You pay only for what you need.

  • No training.
  • No overhead.
  • No benefits to pay.

In addition to saving money on your writing projects, hiring a business writer on a project-by-project basis allows you to more easily allocate funds where they are most needed.

You hire a professional business writer to save time.

It’s not just time you save when you hire a business ghostwriter for a speech or a press release. You also save time.

Your staff are busy on a host of other projects. But some things won’t wait. The press release has to go out tomorrow. The luncheon where you are giving your speech won’t hold off until one of your employees has an afternoon to devote to it.

With nobody looking over a freelance writer’s shoulder, she can focus her attention on getting the job done. This is especially important for time-sensitive documents. Press releases and speeches are two examples, but sometimes an annual report grows urgent.

Sometimes the time you save is your own. When you outsource the writing of the company blog, the writer can come up with topics and angles. That saves you from coming up with ideas, which is often delayed until after the last minute.

You hire a freelance business writer for their flexibility.

Freelancers are flexible by nature, and a freelance writer is more flexible than an employee She is accustomed to working evenings and weekends, and can more easily put other projects aside if you have an urgent project.

The freelance writer is also not bound by company procedures, so she can follow the specifications you require and the most efficient process to get there. That does not mean you can ask her to do just anything; the final product still has to meet the company’s objectives. But the path to get there is one of fewer constraints.

You hire a business writer to organize your material.

Business writing often brings together information from several sources, several departments. Somebody has to coordinate all this information. That can be taxing on your staff resources and result in delays.

If you outsource the project to a professional writer, he can organize the material from various sources. That annual report of everything your company has done seems to just fall into place. That case study input from all over the company? Hand it to the professional writer.

In some cases, it is obvious how your material should be organized. In other cases, the writer will bring expertise to the table. Our text will be organized faster and organized better. In other words, your final product will be more effective and ready for you to use almost right away.

You outsource your business writing to better reach your audiences.

Nobody knows your audience like you do.

Actually, that is not correct. One of the big mistakes that many companies make in their communications is misunderstanding their audience. This is not surprising, as most people live in their own ivory towers.

Professional writers don’t live in your ivory tower. They observe what is around them. They understand audiences, how to reach them and how to move them.

How to find a professional business writer for hire

We have professional writers and ghostwriters with business backgrounds, who also bring skills honed in non-business settings. For a free quote on writing your business materials, tap or click the red button to the right.


How to work with a business writer for your memoir

Working with a business writer is a partnership in clarity. Your business communication materials will have to be clear to be effective, and possibly also persuasive. Here are some tips to work with a professional business writer.

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Understand your audience.

The first step in any communication is to understand the people you want to reach. Can you visualize your readers? “Everybody” is not a great answer. Yes, “everybody” might be in the market for clothing or bread or shampoo. But your product, service or message has to target a specific person to be effective.

If you are having trouble defining a specific person, your business writer can probably help. If not, you should invest in a marketing consultant. Knowing your target reader is the key to communicating effectively.

Be clear about your goals.

Once you know to whom you want to speak, you’ll need to define what you want that person (and all other readers) to do. Usually, there is one ideal action, and that would most likely be one of these:

  • Vote.
  • Learn.
  • Donate.
  • Subscribe.
  • Buy something.
  • Change their opinions.
  • Call for more information.
  • Share with friends and family.

Before any writing begins, you need to be clear about what you want done and who you want to do it.

Most business communications are simply to inform. In those cases, you will want to be very clear about every detail. You won’t want to leave the reader with questions.

In many cases, you want to go beyond informing. You want to persuade people to do something, such as subscribe, buy or pick up the phone and call you. Or you might want them to leave your company alone, rule in your company’s favor or give you a better price on supplies.

in either case, a lack of clarity will doom your communications. Make sure you are very clear about all the details.

Communicate clearly with your business writer.

If you have clarity, pass it on. You will be counting on your freelance writer to find just the right words to express exactly what you mean. Make sure she has the clarity she needs to write your business materials. Make sure that she knows:

  • The tone you want to set.
  • Who is your target audience.
  • All the details about the subject.
  • What is the top result or goal you want from this writing project.

The more information you give, and the more specific that information is, the happier you will be with the results.

Seek the writer’s advice

As important as it is to inform your writer, it is equally important to ask for his advice. A professional business writer is the subject matter expert when it comes to written communication. So don’t be shy to ask for advice.

By making the writer a partner in the process, your message will have a much better chance of hitting its mark. So make time for your writer, ask questions and answer questions.

Expect a second draft.

If your writer nails it the first time, break out the champagne. It can happen.

If your writer really doesn’t get it at all, you’ve either chosen poorly or communicated poorly. The writer should be able to deliver roughly what you were looking for.

Most of the time, that is exactly what your freelance writer will hand you – a rough draft of what you were looking for. Give feedback and ask for changes. Be very clear about what you want changed. For example:

Passive aggressive way to ask for a change: “I don’t like this. Please rewrite.”

Effective way to ask for a change: “These three paragraphs sound too aloof. I think this is where we need to sound like we’re sitting beside the reader at her kitchen table. What do you think?”

Your writer won’t want to go through a dozen drafts unless you place a pot of gold on the table. But two or three is normal.

Don’t be a penny pincher.

If you want to pick a writer based on price, there are plenty of business writers for hire in India and the Philippines who will work for a very modest price.

If you want to hire a quality writer who will produce an effective product for you, expect to what they are worth – no matter where they live.

Once you’ve found a writer, don’t try to whittle down their price. They already know what they are worth and what they charge. Being a penny pincher will broadcast a very clear message: “I am difficult to deal with.” At best, they will stick to their price. Or they will back out of your project, because they know that nine times out of ten,, a penny pincher is also a challenging client (and that they should actually charge him more than their usual rate).

At worst, they will grudgingly give you a discount out of desperation, which means:

  1. You probably picked a poor writer (in more ways than one).
  2. Your writer will cut corners and rush through the writing to make up for the pay cut.
  3. Your business will suffer, because you end up shortchanging yourself.

Can you ever ask for a deal? Yes, under the following circumstance:

  • You already have a relationship; you have already paid full price.
  • You are ordering more.
  • You ask for a bulk discount. For instance, if you are preparing a press release every week, there are elements that the writer won’t have to redo each time.
  • You respect that this is “manual labor”; there are no economies of scale for most writing jobs, so a discount means taking a pay cut. In other words, it would not be a big discount.
  • You don’t start asking for last-minute work. May writers actually charge more to write on short notice.

When it comes to talent, you get what you pay for. Writers are talent, not just warm bodies behind a desk.

How to find a business ghostwriter

Are you looking for a professional business writer? We can help you with any of these:

  • Professional case study writer.
  • Professional white paper writer
  • Professional press release writer
  • Professional annual report writer
  • Professional business book writer
  • Professional report writer
  • Professional business blog writer
  • Professional letter writer
  • Professional marketing writer

For a free quote on ghostwriting your business documents, tap or click the red button to the right.


A few books we have ghostwritten

It is sort of ironic as a ghostwriting service that the one thing we can’t show you is our ghostwriting work – that’s what “ghostwriter” means. But here are a few samples we are at liberty to share.

  • Historical fiction book cover - Asim

    HISTORICAL FICTION: ASIM: Servant of Two Masters, by D.W. Smith. In 1453 Turkey, Mehmed the Conqueror has just defeated the Byzantine Empire and a new era called the Ottoman Empire is ushered in.

  • Self-help book cover - Sun will rise
    SELF HELP BOOK: Breast Cancer; The Sun Will Rise, by Pamela S. Barron. Breast cancer survivor Pamela Barron describes life with metastatic breast cancer and continuous chemo treatment for seven years.
  • Fantasy book cover - War of Staffs
    FANTASY BOOK: War of the Staffs, by Kathryn Tedrick and H.P. Stephenson. A fresh new series for all those who love dragons, wizards, elves, dwarves and mayhem.
  • Memoir book cover - Nobody
    MEMOIR: Amazing Adventures of a Nobody, by Leon Logothetis. A personal tale of travel and adventure in the real world.
  • Business book cover - Sit Crooked
    BUSINESS BOOK: Sit Crooked and Speak Straight, by Stephane J. McGrane. A primer for anyone wanting to conduct buisiness susccessfully in the Arabian Penninsula.
  • Kidlit book cover - Gooseneck Putter
    CHILDREN'S BOOK: The High-tech Gooseneck Putter, by Samuel DiMatteo & Kristin Johnson. Meet Sami DeMani, a Canada gander with a legendary golf game. He’s on track to win the prestigious Waterfowl Tour — and put his nemesis, the ruthless Pete Swan Lake, in his place once and for all.
  • Autobiography book cover - Missing Cub
    AUTOBIOGRAPHY: The Missing Cub, by Darcy Fast with Jonathan Kravetz. A baseball autobiography.
  • Society book cover - Biracial Bondage
    SOCIETY BOOK: The Biracial Bondage, by Joe Bama. Exploring the struggle of biracial people and couples, as seen through the eyes of both white and black people.
  • Fantasy book cover - Eradonis
    FANTASY BOOK: Eradonis: Legend of the Black Rose, by Narisha Rajnandan. First in a series of books featuring sorcery and magic spells.
  • Biography book cover - Vesta Sithole
    BIOGRAPHY: My Life With an Unsung Hero, by Vesta Sithole The post-humus biography of the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, a hero of the Zimbabwean struggle for independence.
  • Religious book - Genesis One Code
    SCIENCE, RELIGION: The Genesis One Code, by Daniel Friedmann. Calculations demonstrate a clear alignment between the times of key events described in the creation narrative in the Book of Genesis with those derived from scientific theory and observation.
  • Science fiction book cover - Time Craft
    SCIENCE FICTION: Time Craft, by Mark A. Ely. A time-travel story of adventure and scientific imagination.
  • Christian book cover - Guide You
    CHRISTIAN BOOK: He Will Guide You, by Dr. John Diomede. A guide for Christians to your relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • Children's book cover - Flying Cowboys
    CHILDREN'S BOOK: Flying Cowboys and Confetti Rain: Dreams of a PBR Bull, by Debbie Felkins Tamez. An endearing story of a bull and a racoon and their adventures on the road to fame.
  • Historical fiction book cover - Asim
  • Self-help book cover - Sun Will Rise
  • Fantasy book cover - War of Staffs
  • Memoir book cover - Nobody
  • Business book cover - Sit Crooked
  • Kidlit book cover - Gooseneck Putter
  • Autobiography book cover - Missing Cub
  • Society book cover - Biracial Bondage
  • Fantasy book cover cover - Eradonis
  • Biography book cover - Vesta Sithole
  • Religious book cover - Genesis One Code
  • Science fiction book cover - Time Craft
  • Christian book cover - Guide You
  • Children's book cover - Flying Cowboys

Best business writers for hire

Whether you need a business writer for your marketing materials or to draft up a business plan, or a ghostwriter for a business book, we offer service with a smile. Just let us know how we can help you by filling in the form on this page.


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  3. I need several different materials prepared. Can you help me? (ANSWER: We can prepare press releases and marketing materials, annual reports and websites. Just let us know how we can help you.)
  4. How much do you charge for business writing? (ANSWER: There are so many variables involved, that we really need to see the details to quote. Once we know all that is involved, we can provide a price for your project. Please fill in the form on this page for your free quote.)
  5. Can you also translate my business materials for foreign markets? (ANSWER: Yes. We work in both French and Spanish, and we have translated also into German and Arabic for clients.)