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If you have a religious or spiritual message to share with others, we have Christian writers who can help you find just the right words and even source passages from Scripture.


Your message is inspired, but if people don’t know about it or if they find it difficult or dull to read, your message will be lost.

Among the skills our best Christian writers offer you are:

  • Storytelling
  • Inspirational messages
  • A shared Christian vision
  • Addressing believers and non-believers, depending on your goals
  • Referencing scripture – writing a good book based on The Good Book

Find out how we can bring your revelation, sermons or other spiritual message to life. Jesus understood the power of words. He told compelling stories that help people’s attention. He knew how to reach beyond people’s minds and touch their hearts.

Fill in the form on this page now to let us know how we can help you tell the story that reaches people’s hearts. We can’t compare to Jesus, but our Christian book writers for hire compare to the best writers around today.

Praise for our Christian ghostwriters

Our clients give high praise for the effort and results our writers have brought to their manuscripts. (Read more testimonials here.)

Pastor Jack

I am really pleased with the effort you put into this material. I also like your style of writing; in that I see you and I are the same in telling it as it is.

Yes Thank you David!! I am very very happy with the outcome! Debra was fabulous to work with and an amazing person! I highly recommend her for future projects. She will definately be my choice again.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you did. The article flows like a symphony… Of all the editors that did help me out – in my other publications – you are the best. I am very happy that I found you. and grateful for David that he recommended you. I will now submit the article for publication and if accepted I will hand you the book for your editing.

five stars

<23 id="ig1">Why people hire a Christian book writing service

There are many reasons you might want to find a Christian writer agency to help you write your biblical or spiritual book.

What Christian writers write

Why hire a Christian writer (tap or click to read more reasons)

You might have received a calling from God.

Every day, every minute, God speaks to us. We might ignore most of what he tells us. We might assimilate it into daily living. But every now and then, we hear a new message loud and clear. Messages from God can come in a variety of ways:

  • A vision.
  • A warning.
  • A prophecy for the whole world to hear.
  • A personal message to turn our lives around.

Whatever message you have received, you can choose to ignore it, to embrace it, to share it or to both embrace it and share it. Our Christian clients have chosen both to embrace the message and to share it.

Sharing the word of God – that’s where your Christian book comes in. This is a way for you to bear witness to God’s message.

You might be a pastor with sermons to publish.

We frequently hear from pastors and preachers who have collected their sermons from over the years. Many of them want to publish those sermons as a book – a collection of the most inspiring moments of their ministry.

What works well from the church pulpit doesn’t always sound as persuasive or hold the reader’s attention in written form. So they come to us seeking help with the manuscript. In some cases, they want an edit, just to clean up the grammar and syntax. In other cases, they want the manuscript more heavily edited, so that it flows better as a written text.

A collection of sermons is a legacy that a minister can leave the world. It is a form of testimony, and a means of reaching beyond one’s own congregation.

You might have had a born-again moment when you were saved.

We also hear from a lot of sinners who were saved. In many cases, there is drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and broken families. But there is also forgiveness and redemption. These are inspiring stories of how God and faith in God helps people turn their lives around.

The world could use more stories like that.

The world could use more inspiration from people who have turned their lives around.

The world could use more stories about how Jesus saved them from continuing to spiral downward.

The world will never have too many Christian success stories of hope and faith.

You might not be the best writer.

You might have the most inspiring story of hope and salvation to tell. You might have talked to Jesus and heard his words. You might have seen a vision. But that does not mean you can write.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and he doesn’t chose to reveal his message just to the best writers.

That’s what we are here for. Our job is to take your message and craft the words that will connect with people, the words that will resonate with your audience and move them.

You might be bursting to tell your story of salvation.

It’s hard to hold in a fundamental truth once you discover it. That truth means so much to you. Through your book, you can reach those people whose souls are ready for the same message you received.

How to find a Christian writer for hire

Who are you looking to hire?

  • a Christian devotionals writer
  • a Christian fiction writer
  • a Cristian novel writer
  • a Christian romance writer
  • a Christian fantasy writer

We can help you with your spiritual manuscript. We are a quality-focused writing agency. For a free quote on putting your sermons or revelations into book form, tap or click the red button to the right.


How to work with a Christian ghostwriter – helpful tips for inspired believers

Working with a hired writer is different than writing your own manuscript. Christians with a message need to be able to explain exactly what they need in their manuscripts. These are a few tips to follow to make your writing project a success.

How can I work with a Christian writer?

  • Explain your core message.
  • Define your audience.
  • Refine your message.
  • List events in a timeline.
  • Give timely feedback to the writer.
  • Give feedback in ‘track changes’.

How to work with a Christian writer (tap or click to read more)

Explain you core message to your writer.

The first thing any would-be author needs to do when meeting a writer for the first time is to explain one’s message. With a spiritual topic, this step is even more important.

Your writer is just like you. They have beliefs. Their beliefs, however, might not be exactly the same as yours. If you have delved deep enough into spiritual matters to write a book, you are aware of how widely scripture can be interpreted.

You can’t expect your Christian ghost writer to share identical beliefs with you, and you don’t need her to. But it is crucial that she does not feel uncomfortable with your message, or else the writing will suffer…and so will your message.

Your first step is to explain your message and find out if the writer is comfortable with it. As you can imagine, the more unorthodox your message, the more important it is to make sure the writer is comfortable will all aspects of your message before even starting.

Define your audience.

How we write will depend in large part on your audience. Are you writing for theologians or for a lay audience? Are you writing for men, women or both? Perhaps you are targeting people who have had a very specific experience similar to yours.

Whatever your audience, make sure your writer knows.

Refine your message.

Your message is more than just its core. There are so many details that you’ll need to turn an idea into a book. Here are a few that virtually any Christian book needs:

  • A list of key points you want to cover.
  • Anecdotes – plenty of short stories that illustrate those points.
  • A selection of biblical verses. Nothing brings home your points like showing exactly how The Bible supports them.

List events to include in a timeline.

If your book will detail a series of events, it is important for your writer to have a timeline. This helps organize the information.

Send your writer timely feedback.

Your Christian book writer will provide you with drafts of each chapter, one by one. This is a bit like tennis – the ball is now in your court.

In most cases, work on your manuscript would stop until you provide feedback. This is a good process, but it does mean that you should provide timely feedback to reduce delays.

If work stops for too long, the writing gets delayed. Continuity is lost while the writer turns their attention to other projects. Your message will come across stronger and more effective with minimal interruptions.

Put all feedback in track changes.

Track changes is a crucial tool for feedback. By using this tool, you can be sure that your writer knows exactly what you want changed and exactly where the edit needs to go. It also lets your writer accept some changes and address others in a different way, including explaining why another way might be preferable.

There are some changes that might not be about just one spot in the text. They might be about tone or point-of-view or whether another aspect needs to be included in part of a chapter. In that case, an email or even a phone conversation might be better.

How to hire a Christian writer

“Where can I find a good Christian ghostwriter?”

For a free quote on writing your Christian book, whether it be theological or spiritual, fiction or meditation, tap or click the red button to the right.


Sample books we have written

Although many clients have hired us to write their books, here are some samples of books we have written or edited that we are at liberty to reveal.

  • Historical fiction book cover - Asim

    HISTORICAL FICTION: ASIM: Servant of Two Masters, by D.W. Smith. In 1453 Turkey, Mehmed the Conqueror has just defeated the Byzantine Empire and a new era called the Ottoman Empire is ushered in.

  • Self-help book cover - Sun will rise
    SELF HELP BOOK: Breast Cancer; The Sun Will Rise, by Pamela S. Barron. Breast cancer survivor Pamela Barron describes life with metastatic breast cancer and continuous chemo treatment for seven years.
  • Fantasy book cover - War of Staffs
    FANTASY BOOK: War of the Staffs, by Kathryn Tedrick and H.P. Stephenson. A fresh new series for all those who love dragons, wizards, elves, dwarves and mayhem.
  • Memoir book cover - Nobody
    MEMOIR: Amazing Adventures of a Nobody, by Leon Logothetis. A personal tale of travel and adventure in the real world.
  • Business book cover - Sit Crooked
    BUSINESS BOOK: Sit Crooked and Speak Straight, by Stephane J. McGrane. A primer for anyone wanting to conduct buisiness susccessfully in the Arabian Penninsula.
  • Kidlit book cover - Gooseneck Putter
    CHILDREN'S BOOK: The High-tech Gooseneck Putter, by Samuel DiMatteo & Kristin Johnson. Meet Sami DeMani, a Canada gander with a legendary golf game. He’s on track to win the prestigious Waterfowl Tour — and put his nemesis, the ruthless Pete Swan Lake, in his place once and for all.
  • Autobiography book cover - Missing Cub
    AUTOBIOGRAPHY: The Missing Cub, by Darcy Fast with Jonathan Kravetz. A baseball autobiography.
  • Society book cover - Biracial Bondage
    SOCIETY BOOK: The Biracial Bondage, by Joe Bama. Exploring the struggle of biracial people and couples, as seen through the eyes of both white and black people.
  • Fantasy book cover - Eradonis
    FANTASY BOOK: Eradonis: Legend of the Black Rose, by Narisha Rajnandan. First in a series of books featuring sorcery and magic spells.
  • Biography book cover - Vesta Sithole
    BIOGRAPHY: My Life With an Unsung Hero, by Vesta Sithole The post-humus biography of the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, a hero of the Zimbabwean struggle for independence.
  • Religious book - Genesis One Code
    SCIENCE, RELIGION: The Genesis One Code, by Daniel Friedmann. Calculations demonstrate a clear alignment between the times of key events described in the creation narrative in the Book of Genesis with those derived from scientific theory and observation.
  • Science fiction book cover - Time Craft
    SCIENCE FICTION: Time Craft, by Mark A. Ely. A time-travel story of adventure and scientific imagination.
  • Christian book cover - Guide You
    CHRISTIAN BOOK: He Will Guide You, by Dr. John Diomede. A guide for Christians to your relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • Children's book cover - Flying Cowboys
    CHILDREN'S BOOK: Flying Cowboys and Confetti Rain: Dreams of a PBR Bull, by Debbie Felkins Tamez. An endearing story of a bull and a racoon and their adventures on the road to fame.
  • Historical fiction book cover - Asim
  • Self-help book cover - Sun Will Rise
  • Fantasy book cover - War of Staffs
  • Memoir book cover - Nobody
  • Business book cover - Sit Crooked
  • Kidlit book cover - Gooseneck Putter
  • Autobiography book cover - Missing Cub
  • Society book cover - Biracial Bondage
  • Fantasy book cover cover - Eradonis
  • Biography book cover - Vesta Sithole
  • Religious book cover - Genesis One Code
  • Science fiction book cover - Time Craft
  • Christian book cover - Guide You
  • Children's book cover - Flying Cowboys

The best Christian ghost writers for hire

Our freelance Christian writers are for hire right now, ready to create a compelling book or booklet that helps people get closer to God. If you are looking for a Christian writer who can help your ideas jump off the page and into their hearts, let us know how we can be of service by completing the form on this page.


  1. I have a box-load of sermons. How do I turn them into a book? (ANSWER: You could transcribe them yourself, or you could hire a professional writer to edit them – to make them more readable without losing any of their original power.)
  2. I need help writing a Christian book. (ANSWER: No problem. That’s what our freelance Christian ghost writers are for. Just send us the details of what you need through the form on this page, and we’ll get right back to you.
  3. Should I write for Christians, for non-believers, or both? (ANSWER: That is always a tough question. We can help you better define your audience, and how to best write for them…but the ultimate decision will still be yours.)
  4. Can I hire a writer for my Christian book? (ANSWER: Yes. Many books are ghostwritten, and that includes Christian books. You are the expert on your topic, but you are not expected to be the expert on writing. God’s word is not revealed only through professional writers. You provide the inspiration; we’ll provide the words.)
  5. How much does a book cost to write? (ANSWER: The price depends in large part on the length of the book, as well as how well organized your thoughts are. We are always happy to provide a free quote if you provide us with details of what you need in the form on this page.)
  6. How long should my Christian book be? (ANSWER: A typical Christian book is 200-250 pages long, or at least 50,000 words. If you fill in the form on this page, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.)