Gay or lesbian same-sex wedding speech writing service

Have you been asked to speak at a gay, lesbian or non-binary wedding? If you are a best man (best person) or a maid of honor (person of honor), the parent of one of the partners or just someone called upon to speak at their wedding, all eyes will be on you. You want to do the happy couple proud.

How does one write a great speech for a gay or non-binary wedding? Not all that different from writing any other wedding speech. You want to honor the couple and entertain their friends and family

When it comes to a wedding speech, a gay wedding or a gender-neutral wedding is no different than any other – love is love!

That said, here’s how we write gay wedding speeches. We write them from scratch. We make it 100% personal. No template. No sample from another wedding. Every wedding speech is a custom experience, every bit as much as the couple is a custom pair. And our speechwriters will be sensitive to your need for non-traditional language or gender-neutral terminology.

We have LGBTQ wedding writers who understand that a wedding is a special occasion. They know it is a uniquely personal moment and it doesn’t have to follow a formula. They know that a gay, transgender, non-binary or mixed couple might borrow many customs from traditional weddings, but that they might just as much create their own customs. That’s right, much of traditional wedding etiquette is outdated anyway. More important than following “tradition” is to follow what would make the couple feel great.

And our writers are not shy to ask questions that might not occur to more traditional writers.

Most of all, our writers know that your job is not to shine for yourself, but to shine by how you honor the couple you love.

The perfect gay wedding speech is:

  1. Personal
  2. Touching
  3. Funny
  4. Authentic
  5. Respectful

If you are unsure how to write the ideal speech for your role as best person or sibling-of-the-bride or groomswoman or any other wedding role, our LGBTQ speechwriting service can help you. Just fill in the form on this page and let us know all about the approaching wedding.

Why people hire a queer wedding speech writer

People who rarely give speeches often need help when they are asked to speak at a wedding. This is equally true at gay weddings and straight weddings. Here are some of the top reasons we have heard from our clients over the years.

Why hire a gay wedding speech writer (tap or click to read more reasons)

What type of wedding speech writing service are you looking for? We use the term “gay wedding” because it is the most used and the most popular. But we are happy to help with speeches at any wedding, however you identify:

  • Gay wedding speech writers
  • LGBTQ wedding speech writers
  • Transgender wedding speech writers
  • Lesbian wedding speech writers
  • Queer wedding speech writers
  • Gender neutral wedding speech writers
  • Bisexual wedding speech writers
  • Mixed wedding speech writers

You hire a LGBTQ wedding speech ghostwriter because you don’t know where to start.

This might be the most common reason to hire a wedding speechwriter. You’ve never given a speech, and there is so much to talk about. But you can’t think of anything, or you just don’t know where to start.

That’s where our wedding speech writing service comes in. Give us the information we need, and we’ll know where to start. We have questions for you, as you will see below. Answer the questions, and we’ll get started on a custom wedding speech that is personal, authentic and as humorous or emotional as you want it to be.

Here are some of the questions we’ll ask:


Questions to ask before writing a gay or LGTBQ wedding speech?

  • What are names, genders and pronouns of the partners getting married? And are there any words or definitions important to them beyond pronouns?
  • Who else do you want to and/or need to mention in the speech? Tell us names, pronouns and relationship please.
  • How do you know the bride or groom or other marrying person?
  • How well do you know their family?
  • How well do you know the other marrying partner and their family?
  • Are there any anecdotes that you really want to mention? Please describe (point form, ramble, whatever) – this is important. This is the meat of the speech.
  • Is there anyone important who will be slighted if you don’t mention them?
  • Is either or both of their lives about to change in any other way (moving away, buying house together, etc.)?
  • Are there any cultural, religious or family sensitivities/taboos you wish to avoid?
  • Are you married? Is there a lesson from your own marriage you wish to impart? If not married, is there a lesson you wish to impart from some other experience?
  • Anything else your gay wedding speechwriting service should know?


You hire a professional speechwriter because you don’t want a canned speech.

Why not just deliver a canned speech from the Internet? That’s no way to honor the couple you care about. Whether you are the best person or the person-of-honor, you’ll want your moment in the spotlight to be a personal message to the people you love.

When you hire a wedding speech ghostwriter, your speech is written from scratch. It’s personal and authentic, a moment the happy couple will treasure forever.

You hire a professional wedding speechwriter because you are not comfortable with speaking.

Most people are not all that comfortable speaking. This transcends gender roles and norms. It’s OK to be shy, but when you are asked to speak at a friend’s wedding, you won’t want to let them down. And when you are the father or mother of one of the partners, you will absolutely want to speak.

When people are shy to speak, they are often also uncomfortable drafting their speech. That’s when hiring one of our gay same-sex wedding speechwriters makes sense. A well-written speech gives you confidence to deliver it — to do the speaking.

You hire an LGBTQ wedding speechwriter because you are too close to the subject.

Some people have a hard time talking about people they are close to, even themselves. Job interviews become challenging when the spotlight is on them. We see all the time how best man speeches and father-of-the-groom speeches are challenges for the same reason, as are any traditional or non-traditional wedding speeches.

What do you say?

What do you leave out?

How do you know this is really a good speech to deliver?

Why is it so easy to talk with friends about music or recipes or the movie you saw last night, but so hard to find the words to speak about a person you care for?

Hiring a wedding speech ghostwriter is a smart strategy to help find the right words, to choose what works well in a speech and what doesn’t.

You hire a queer wedding speech writer because you want to deliver the best speech possible.

Not everybody is shy or struggling to find the words. Some people could actually draft a fairly good speech. But they want better than “fairly good”. They want an expert to help polish the words or build on their thoughts and create the perfect wedding speech. We are happy to help.

How to find a gay or queer wedding speech writer for hire

We can help. We love adding to the joy of a wedding. For a free quote on ghostwriting your gay or lesbian wedding speech, tap or click the red button to the right.


How to work with a gay wedding speechwriter

Working with a wedding speech ghostwriter is pretty easy. You supply the information, they do all the work. You ask for revisions…and they do all the work again. Writing a wedding speech couldn’t be easier.

How to work with a gay or lesbian wedding speech writer (tap or click to read more)

Think about the qualities of the brides or grooms or partners.

This speech is about the them…the couple getting married. It’s about who they are so far and who they will be in the future. This is a major life moment. It calls for a true look into what makes them who they are.

That means values and personality.

Everything we do is based on our values and personality, fundamental qualities that transcend events and moments. A good wedding speech will reflect those qualities.

Think about the best stories about the couple.

What makes life interesting are those funny moments, or those moments of courage. These little stories cast a light on the bride or the other bride. They help us know them better and relate to them better.

One of the keys to working with a speechwriter is to dig deep for those stories. Never mind about how you word it; your ghostwriter will find the words for you.

Decide how you want to handle humor.

Humor is a tricky thing. Not everybody can pull it off. And not everybody can pull off all kinds of humor. Before you find a gay wedding speechwriter, decide how you want to handle humor.

Answer all our questions.

We listed some questions for you above. The more completely you answer them, the better. Most people are very good at answering the questions about the people. But they often skimp on the anecdotes. Five or six anecdotes are best. That way, there surely will be two or three that fit nicely into the speech. Sometimes we’ll use more.

How to find a same-sex or non-binary speech writer for hire

For a free quote on ghostwriting your transgender or gay wedding speech, tap or click the red button to the right.


LGBTQ wedding speech writers for hire

Best writers for the best person and honorable speeches for the person-of-honor – we are eager to help you write your LGBTQ wedding speech. If you are looking for help with your gay wedding speech, let us know about the wedding and what you want to say by sending us the the form on this page.


  1. I have agreed to speak. Can you help me with my speech? (ANSWER: We have helped many others, and we can help you.)
  2. What do I need to do? (ANSWER: Just fill in the the form on this page. We will have a few questions for you.)
  3. How much does it cost to write a gay wedding speech? (ANSWER: It depends on many factors, but a 5-minute speech typically costs about US$200. Please fill in the form on this page for a free quote.)
  4. Yikes! I waited to the last minute. Can you get it done right away? (ANSWER: Probably. When you send in the form on this page for speechwriting, please put “RUSH” right up front.)
  5. I’m straight. Is it OK for me to speak at a gay or queer wedding? (ANSWER: Yes! If you’ve been asked to speak, honor your friend by speaking and speaking well.