A personal-branding book
to build your reputation

If you are your brand, your business success counts on a strong reputation and personal credibility. You should write a book.

Your competitors are still handing out tired, old business cards to their prospects. They are relying on email signatures. You can hand out books with your name on the cover – with your face on the cover! There is a reason that real estate agents [plaster their face all over the community.

People take perceived experts seriously. With your name and face on the cover of a book, you will win new clients quicker and easier than ever before.

When local TV and radio news needs an expert comment, they will call on you – the published author (the obvious expert).

We can help you write your book for advanced personal branding. Our professional ghostwriters will put your story into words so as to best highlight your expertise, your credibility and your humanity. Fill in the form on this page and tell us how we can help you boost your reputation right now.

A professional branding book is ideal for independent entrepreneurs and professionals like:

  • Caterers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Personal trainers
  • Insurance agents
  • Interior designers
  • Personal coaches
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Image consultants
  • Financial planners
  • Real estate agents
  • Lawyers with their own practice
  • Chiropractors running their own practices
  • Independent accountants (not employees)
  • Physiotherapists running their own practices
  • Nutritionists and dietitians (not employees)
  • Anybody who gets their leads from networking organizations, such as BNI)

Sample books for personal branding - financial advisors and personal trainers

How your book builds your credibility

Books are the new business cards. An old-school, card-stock business card just lists your vital data. It does nothing to elicit a call-back. It does nothing to build your reputation. It doesn’t put you at the head of the pack.

A book is more than just a business card. It is a clever sales tool. Here is what it does:

  • It gets people to start thinking about you.
  • It shows people that you are indeed the expert.
  • It brands you as the expert in the eyes of the media.
  • It is a conversation piece that helps spread the word.
  • It stays visible, because it is bigger than a business card.
  • It gives you more name recognition than your competitors.
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A personal branding book gets people thinking about you.

It’s a book. Your leads have it in their hands. Some people will put it aside and forget about it.

Others will start flipping through it. At that point, you might have a lead. Just the act of flipping through it starts to build a relationship in the lead’s mind. Perhaps it’s not a strong relationship at that point, but it’s more than they’ll build with your competitors.

Still others will stop at some point in the book and start reading. At that point, they are building a very strong relationship. After all, they’ve read your book. They’ve invested time getting to know you. Psychologically, they need to validate the time well-invested.

They might call you, or they might not. They sure won’t call your competitors.

Your reputation book shows that you are the expert.

You have surely heard the expression: “He wrote the book on it. ” That means that the person is an expert. Just the fact that there is a book on a topic with your name on it, brands you the expert.

Who would you call, the expert who wrote a book or somebody who handed you a business card?

Even if they don’t read a word, just having your book is validation that they can’t go wrong calling you. It gives you credibility beyond your competitors.

A reputation book can get you quoted in the media.

A book is not the only way to position yourself as an expert. Seeing you in the media makes you an expert, too. You get instant credibility. People assume that the media interviews only experts.

The media does interview experts. One of the best ways to be seen by the media as an expert in your field is to write a book. It gives you influence. It makes you the authority in your field. Here is roughly how this publicity plan works:

  • You write a book with your name and face on the cover.
  • You send a copy to the media.
  • The media files your name away in their contact file for future reference.
  • Fast forward…the media needs an expert in your field to comment on a breaking story.
  • The media calls you for comment.
  • People call the expert they saw on in the media (you) to hire.

Your reputation book positions you directly with clients and it positions you with them through the media.

A reputation book is a conversation piece.

If your book is sitting on somebody’s desk or counter or table, chances are that somebody will pick it up and make a comment. That’s a prompt for the book’s owner to say something about it or about you. You can’t buy that kind of word-of-mouth publicity.

A reputation book stays visible because it is bigger than a business card.

A business card is small. In fact, it’s tiny. People put business cards in their wallets or file them away and forget them. Or they just throw them away, because it’s just a stub of cardboard.

A book is “more” than a tiny card.

A book is bigger – it’s more in size. It can’t be tucked away or lost as easily as a business card. It is likely to remain on a desk, on a table or on a bookshelf.

A book is also more in substance. A business card has just a name and contact info. It’s nothing worth a second thought. But a book is filled with information. Thought went into it. Resources went into it. It conveys value. One has to think twice before deciding to get rid of it.

A reputation book gives you name recognition.

Congratulations! You wrote a book. You are an author. A person might have met 130 people at the conference, but your name and face are on the book she brought back. You stand a much better chance of being remembered than your competitors.

How to find an personal branding book ghostwriter for hire

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How to work with a business book writer

Our writers can create a strong written reputation for you. But they’ll need your help. Here are some tips to work effectively with a reputation book writer.

  • Give as much information as possible.
  • Recount stories about your business life.
  • Recount stories about your personal life.
  • Include case studies.
  • Give feedback quickly.
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Give as much information as possible.

This book is about you. The ghostwriter doesn’t know you. The ghostwriter can’t do research to fill the book. The ghostwriter can’t make it up. The book will be filled only with what you give the writer.

Tell tales of your business life.

Part of your reputation is how you deal with colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers. Having stories about those dealings helps readers see what kind of a person they would be doing business with. It’s an important part of building your credibility.

Tell tales of your personal life.

People want to see your humanity. They want to know what type of person you are. Personal stories that illustrate your main traits can help. People like dealing with real people. That’s part of what personal branding is all about.

Share case studies.

People also want to know how well you do your job. Case studies are all about the jobs you have done. Here’s what they tell potential clients:

  • How thrilled your clients are.
  • What you are capable of doing.
  • The breadth of your experience.
  • How successful your projects are.
  • How well you handle challenging projects.

Give feedback quickly.

As each chapter is written, you’ll be asked to give your feedback. The sooner you give feedback, the sooner the writer can move on to the next chapter.

Why does this matter to you? A long delay means that the writer has to try to remember where she stopped and what she was going to write next. A short delay means that she doesn’t lose momentum and that your manuscript will be consistent in both style and information flow.

How to find a credibility ghostwriter for hire

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Professional book writers for hire

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  1. What is the best way to establish my expertise and authority with prospects? (ANSWER: A book! With your name and face on the cover. Have you ever noticed that the word “authority” is a derivative of the word “author”? )
  2. How can I get the media to see me as the local expert in my niche? (ANSWER: A book! With your name and face on the cover.)
  3. Where can I find the best writer to help me write a book to market my business and boost my reputation? (ANSWER: We have superb writers who with the skills to put you in the best light.)
  4. How much does it cost to write a reputation book? (ANSWER: It depends on many factors, but a manuscript of 50,000 words will typically cost over $10,000. Please fill in the form on this page for a free quote.)
  5. Is this the best ghost writing service in the world? (ANSWER: We think so, and so do our clients. Read what they have to say about us.)