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Do you have a movie or TV series idea that’s ready for Hollywood or Netflix, or that might make a winning indie film? Our script writers understand the craft of screenplay writing and what it takes to entertain an audience.

Among the skills a screenplay writer offer you are:

  • Turns and twists of plots
  • Visual cues
  • Solid, engaging dialogue
  • Proper screenplay formatting
  • Effective flow of action, including “beats”

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Praise for our screenplay writers

Our clients have a few nice things to say about the movie scripts and the ghostwriters who helped write them. (Read more testimonials here.)

BILL – screenplay developer

Hey Kristen, What more can I say…You hit it on the nose of what I was thinking. Thank you. And the 36 pages…All I can say is you write what I am thinking and I’m still blown away. I’m so glad I went with you and THGM. Thank you for fulfilling my vision on my screenplay. You see what I want to be seen to others. Thanks.

5 stars – 1 reviews

How a screenplay ghostwriter works

Here are the five steps most professional screenwriters take to build a script:

How a screenplay ghostwriter works

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  1. Logline – one or two sentence summary of the idea
  2. Treatment – a more complete summary, much like the synopsis of a novel
  3. Outline – defining the storyline, step by step
  4. Draft – the complete script, the raw screenplay
  5. Edit – as with any written document, good editing refines and perfects the screenplay

There is no rule that we have to go through all five steps. We can work from your logline, from your treatment or from your outline. Or we can combine the first three steps in a mish-mash of brainstorming. If you already have a book or book manuscript, we can do a screenplay adaptation. We have also adapted from graphic novels and from theatre scripts.

The finished script will reflect whatever input you provide in writing, by email or over the phone. Whether it is action or comedy or romance, whether it’s a feature film or a television series, our goal is to make you proud of your screenplay.


Why hire a screenplay ghostwriter?

There are many reasons for hiring a ghostwriter to write your movie script. These are some of the reasons that motivate the people who have come to us.

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Who hires screenplay ghostwriters?

People with a great imagination can see their stories on the big screen in their minds’ eyes. But screenplay writing is not always that easy. Come to us to help turn your ideas and visions into reality.

People hire screenplay ghostwriters when they are in a hurry.

Screenplays are almost always a labor of love. Our clients typically have demanding jobs, and they don’t have the time to write a screenplay. In fact, they rarely have time to figure out how to write a screenplay, which is very different than writing a book manuscript.

What we offer you is a head start. Our screenplay writers know exactly what to do. When you hire our screenplay writing services, you skip the learning curve and go straight to the writing.

Get ahead with our best screenplay writers for hire.

Our clients hire our screenplay writers to get organized.

Chances are, your idea for a movie plot has its share of twists and turns. There are a variety of:

  • scenes
  • costumes
  • locations
  • characters
  • other elements

How do you organize them all into a compelling script?

You are not the only cinema visionary with this question.

We offer a simple solution. Find film script writers for hire from our team. We’ll get you organized.

Many people hire a screenplay writer for their expertise.

This is the top reason people ask for our help. They have an idea. They might even have a full story written out in novel form. But adapting it to a movie script is over their heads. To write a screenplay, they need a professional screenplay ghostwriter.

We can help.

We can structure and format your screenplay, complete with dialogue, narration and other elements required for film or TV. Let our skilled screenwriters turn your vision into a manuscript you can be proud of.

How to find a script writer for your movie.

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How to work with a screenplay ghostwriter – top tips for visionaries

Many storytellers come to our ghostwriting agency to find a writer for their movie manuscript.

There’s a difference between writing your own screenplay and outsourcing the work. Your ghostwriter will need to get inside your head, to understand your vision. You’ll have to give precise instructions so that the scenes turn out exactly how you envisage the story.

These tips will help you get the screenplay you need for the film or TV series you’ve been imagining.

How to work with a screenplay ghostwriter

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List all the settings for the action.

One of the first things your ghostwriter will need to do is describe the settings. These typically are rooms or outdoor scenes. Each scene will have its own setting, although some scenes might have more than one, such as when one character pushes another through a window.

Settings will have to be described in detail. Your ghostwriter will need to know the details that are important to you. If details are not important, say so; your ghostwriter will create them to the advantage of your story.

Create a plot line.

You might not have all the twists and turns figured out, but you probably have the broad strokes. And you might have many or even all of the details. Whatever you have, whatever you want in the final screenplay, make a list.

Your screenplay ghostwriter might offer a number of suggestions to improve the plot. It’s your choice to accept some, all or none of them. But it is to your advantage to listen closely and consider the ideas. One of the benefits of working with a professional screenwriter is that you get ideas from somebody who’s been there before.

List all your characters.

There are two things you should tell your screenplay writer about each of your characters.

First, you should describe the character. What does each character look like? What does each character sound like? What are their various motivations? What are their relationships to each other?

Second, how does the story change each character? This is a question mostly for your protagonist, but also for the chief villain and for the protagonist’s best buddy and/or love interest. A movie progresses generally along two parallel tracks. One is the plot. The other is the main character’s growth and evolution.

A good scriptwriter can make characters do whatever you wish and evolve or grow in whatever way you like. Your job is to make sure that she fully understands what you expect form your characters.

Whose point of view?

Every story can be told from a variety of points of view (POV). This is as true on the silver screen as in a novel. Your choice of protagonist will shape the flavor of the movie. Often there is more than one point of view, which might switch one scene to the next. This is something to discuss with your ghostwriter.

What’s the lesson or moral of your story?

Every story has a lesson, whether reading or watching. When the audience gets up to ignore the final credits, your film will have changed their lives. This will happen whether you intend it to or not.

How do you want your film to change people’s lives? You have the choice, and your ghostwriter can shape the story to make that change.

Lessons don’t have to be overt, and they don’t have to come down on the audience like a hammer. A movie like The Matrix has many fascinating lessons, even if it’s camouflaged under the guise of fight scenes and technology.

How to hire a screenplay ghostwriter

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The Best film script writers for hire

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  1. I have a great idea for a movie. What do I do? (ANSWER: You could write it yourself, or you could hire a professional screenwriter.)
  2. I need help writing a screenplay on Netflix. (ANSWER: No problem. That’s what our professional screenplay writers are for. Just provide the details for your story in the form on this page, and let us know what screenwriting help you need.
  3. How do I find freelance screenplay writers? (ANSWER: Our best screenplay writers are all freelancers, time-tested and dedicated.)
  4. Can I hire a ghostwriter for my movie script? (ANSWER: Yes. Many screenplays are ghostwritten. Amazing movie ideas don’t come only from professional writers, you know.)
  5. How much does it cost to hire a screenwriter cost? (ANSWER: The price for script writing help depends in large part on the length of the film or TV series, as well as any special requirements you might have. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote if you provide us with details of your movie in the form on this page.)
  6. How long should my screenplay be? (ANSWER: The “standard” length for a first film is 90-100 minutes, and for a TV show 40 minutes per episode, usually including the pilot. But you might have noticed movies getting longer in recent years. And television shows vary widely these days, thanks to cable, online delivery, downloads, etc. If you fill in the form on this page, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.)