Self-help book ghostwriters

We can write your self-help book for you. We understand how to connect with people, combining plain language and vivid storytelling to reach and impress your readers.

Self-help books are unique in that they are highly useful to readers. But they are useful only if they are engaging and easy to understand.


We write in plain language that readers can easily grasp. When readers find it hard just to understand what you say, they give up before even trying your strategies. So plain language is a must.

We also use vivid storytelling techniques. This keeps readers interested, engaged and even excited. Bored readers also give up. They are not motivated to pick up the book again or to follow your strategies.

We write self-help books in many fields. For instance:

  • abuse
  • parenting
  • forgiveness
  • relationships
  • personal growth
  • emotional healing
  • spiritual awakening
  • anger management
  • career advancement
  • coping with disease or injury
  • weight management and fitness

If you have a self-help topic to talk about, whether for professional goals or from personal experience, our ghostwriters can help you choose the right words. Just fill in the contact form on this page

Please note – when you hire one of our writers for your self-help manuscript, you’ll develop a bond with them. You’ll work closely together as a team, because this is a team effort.

How a professional ghostwriter can make your self-help book more successful

There are several reasons to hire a professional writer to write your book. Some reasons are practical logistics. Others are just about making the book more successful.

  • Books take time to write.
  • Books take skill to write.
  • Self-help books have to touch hearts.
  • Self-help books have to make sense.
  • Self-help books must validate.
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Self-help books take time to write.

This is probably the top reason people ask us to write their books for them. They lack the tim write a book themselves. Maybe you also lack the time.

It’s not just about self-help books. People come to us with business topics, Christian topics, biographies, fiction and so many more ideas, because they lack the time to write.

Writing a book takes a lot of time. Many people never even get started. Others languish part-way through, because they get bogged down or have to turn their attention elsewhere.

Professional ghostwriters have the time – that’s what they do. We can write your self-help book for you. We can do in four to six months what might take you years to complete.

Self-help books take skill to write.

The other main reason people come to us with their book ideas is because they don’t have the best writing skills. Maybe it’s because English is their second language, or maybe it’s because what they are really good at is math or interpersonal relations or memory. But they are not writers.

If you are not a highly skilled writer, don’t let that stop you from being a successful author.

Ghostwriters are there to put your ideas into the words that will reach readers best. You are the author. The ideas are yours. What we do is help you articulate your ideas for maximum effect.

Self-help books have to touch hearts.

Most self-help books reach people deep, deep down. They make people see themselves in a new way. Whatever the problem your book addresses, your readers will be people who have self-identified with the problem. They need what you’ve written. But they need your words to touch them deep down. They need your words to ring true.

We know how to use words to touch people. We know how to go beyond just informing. We help your readers see themselves in your pages.

Self-help books must validate.

People have preconceived notions. When they buy your book, they will filter everything you write through their own perspective. In order to move them, your book must first validate their preconceived notions. Only then can you steer them down an alternative path. You have to get in the car with them before you can suggest turning the steering wheel to one side or the other.

How to find a self-help ghostwriter for hire

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How to work with a personal development writer

There are a few key things you need to know if you want to work with a personal growth writer:

  • list the points you want to cover
  • attach personal or client anecdotes to each point
  • articulate the main message you want readers to grasp
  • articulate the image you want readers to have of you
  • ideally, provide an overall analogy or imagery for the manuscript
  • provide as much supporting data as possible
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List the points you want to cover.

Self-help manuscripts are easier to organize than many other topics. There are a number of key points you want to get across. Each point should help readers move from their problems to the overall solution you propose.

As a general rule, those main points will correspond to your chapters.

For each of those main points, list secondary points. This is how we’ll structure each chapter. Some main points will have only 2-3 secondary points. Others will have 10-12. That’s OK. However many main and secondary points you have, your ghostwriter needs to know them.

Attach personal or client anecdotes to each point.

Self-help books work best with a simple formula:

  • state the point
  • explain the problem
  • illustrate the problem with a story
  • explain the solution
  • illustrate the solution with a story (appeal to the emotions)
  • Explain why the solution makes sense
  • Support the solution with data
  • Reiterate the point

The order of these elements can change. And you might tell more or fewer stories. However, this is an effective template to organize each point you want to raise.

Articulate the main message to your ghostwriter

Every book has a main message. Even a book of “The top 17 strategies to…” has one single message. It might be that you can beat the xxx problem within 6 months. Or it might be that this is a plan to reduce xxx by 65%.

Your ghostwriter needs to know this central message, because everything she writes has to help the reader absorb this message.

Articulate your desired image to your writer

At the end of the day, how do you want readers to think of you? There is no right or wrong answer. You might want them to feel that you are friendly and approachable. You might want them to view you as an authority. You might want to be seen as a leader or as a conduit.

Whatever image you want readers to have of you, make sure your writer knows. She’ll start building that image from the first word she writes.

Create an analogy or imagery

Without an analogy or a set of imagery , a self-help book is nothing but a lecture. When used throughout the manuscript, the analogy becomes a theme tying your points together, not just logically, but also emotionally. Here are a few examples of analogies built into book titles:

  • Leadership tactics that guide migrating geese
  • Grooming tips for the mermaid in you
  • Raising a family like a zookeeper
  • Build a skyscraper of love in your life
  • Life is a jigsaw puzzle (and here are the pieces)

Your analogy also serves as branding. It sets you book apart from dozens of others on almost identical topics. Your ghostwriter can help refine the imagery so that it works well across the full spectrum of ideas you wish to convey.

Provide your writer with supportive data

People are moved by emotions, but they need data to show that that their emotions are on track. The more data you provide, the better the ghostwriter can craft your arguments.

More data is good. Complex data is not. The simpler the data, the better. Just make sure that your writer is armed with as much data as possible.

How to find a self-help book writer for hire

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Examples of books we have written or edited

Many of our clients prefer that we remain anonymous. But some are happy to associate with us and have given us permission to reveal that we’ve edited or written their books.


Best self-help book writers for hire

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  1. I am a life coach, not a writer; how do I find a good writer? (ANSWER: We have some great writers who love writing about self-help topics. Fill in the form on this page to get started.)
  2. I’ve had a life-altering experience. Will anybody be interested? (ANSWER: Yes, people need to hear the experiences of others to make sense of their own lives.)
  3. How much does it cost to write a self-help book? (ANSWER: A manuscript of 50,000 words typically costs under $15,000. That’s a good length for most self-help books. Please fill in the form on this page for a free quote.)
  • My cash flow sucks. How can I afford to hire a book writer? (ANSWER: Writing a book is a lot of work and it is not cheap. We have payment plans, if that helps.)
  • Is THGM Writers the best professional book writing service I can find? (ANSWER: Do birds fly? Do trees bark? Here is what our clients have to say.)